It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

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The Week

If I can make it through this week, I can make it. I just need to survive the stress and the blows that come with that stress, then I will be fine. Grampa and Gramma are coming. No matter how old you really are, you are somebody’s child and I don’t care what anybody else says, we all need our parents. We need their umbrella of love. If we don’t have that, there can be a lack of completeness to our lives.

My friend Ruth just called and sang Happy Birthday to me. I did have to tell her she was a whole month (exactly to the day) early, but it did my spirit good to hear her voice and know that she was thinking of me, with my best interests at heart. And an invitation to get away and come up as she will be there through the end of next month. How long does it take to get to Maine from here….?


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The sun is finally getting back it’s “punch.” The warmth of April afternoons sitting outside with my grandpuppy can be so rewarding, just watching the little flowers in the breeze, while puppy rubs himself through the still uncut grass.