It's All About the Journey

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Pausing the Process

Taking a pause in the morning/spring chore known as “the kitchen floor.” Half way finished, it’s immensity making it a task that is difficult for this middle aged body (if I live until 114, that is) sporting a sacral belt as she scrubs and moves carpets.

Speaking of carpets–I think I have discovered the source of human illness and allergies! Turning my area carpets over to vacuum their backs, after I did the fronts–and flipping them back–I was horrified to see the dirt that was shaken loose by that mere simple action. I have rapidly become a fan of hard wood, linoleum, and area rugs that can be tossed in the laundry or tossed into the trash without conscience because they have lived their life span.


Mom does it Best


My mother.  Dear sweet thing.  She celebrated her 80th birthday at St. Luke’s with a double knee replacement.  She wanted an ice cream roll from Friendly’s, but couldn’t eat a thing all day, her pain was that bad, the meds were that strong, the stomach that empty….Monday rolled around and she was sent to Good Shepherd, after a long day of waiting (she insisted on getting dressed around 9:30 to wait).  This story is about the wait.  

Everyone has told her that Good Shepherd in Allentown is the best.  So, we had to wait to see if they had a bed.  Finally learned that she would be “evaluated” at 1:30 and at that point if there was a bed, she could go.  By noon she was pacing (with her walker) around the room and sputtering (sorry Mom, yes you were, but don’t worry, it was in a cute sort of way–but I couldn’t help but think about Grandma Doty and how we would comment on her) about how “I don’t need rehab, I can walk, I have my walker,” and “I’ve got the exercises right on this paper, I don’t need to go,” down to “If they don’t send me soon (this was at noon), I’m just going to go home” and “I have had it, I think I should just go home.”



Now, does this look like an old lady that just had a knee replacement?  Flopped across her hospital bed, bored, staring at the tv.  God love her!

She will be starting a blog shortly, here on wordpress.  I enlisted an account for her, but need to help her get started, maybe Mother’s Day weekend!  So look for Phyllis and her writings, we will link it.  She is an amazing writer (takes after me…oh wait, that should be the other way around…) and has a lot to say for all of her experiences in life.

Love you, Mom!