It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

One eye open on that scale…

I’m really struggling with the Weight Watchers now.  I have lost 18.2 lbs.  This has been an up and down process, because the other week I was down 19 lbs.  My new goal is 10 more lbs and I have almost stopped with EVERYTHING (except eating, that is).  The key that I have dropped is the tracking, which is the most crucial thing of all in Weight Watchers, WRITING IT DOWN!  But it gets boring after awhile, and all those fun times at the grocery store using the iphone to scan the bar codes is tedious when it comes to recording it because you have to know EXACTLY what to record or trying to find it is aggravating.

My own solution to this dilemma is to try to sit down and record everything I plan on eating for the day.  And, it’s a lot more fun to be able to remove a food item than it is to add it and go over those magical 26 points.  But again, if I don’t do it over my morning coffee, it doesn’t happen.

Next on my list, locating my activity link, which somehow got lost….

The cupcake is from last week’s bridal shower at The Blue Lamp.  It was divine!!!Image


Life in the Moment

I was remembering this morning.  I had a lot to remember.  Our memory is everything we have stored inside.  Sometimes it comes out in dreams, and sometimes it comes in ideas or notions.  

I had a conversation with my mother yesterday.  We started talking about Grandma Doty.  Our conversations often go like this.  And living a few doors down from where she lived her latter years (age 58-75 before going into the Vets Home for another 13 years), I imagine the impact of her memory.  Image



I think I dreamt about her the other night.  It was about her, but she wasn’t there.  I fancy to think she is busy doing other things, sometimes I wonder if she acknowledges me and knows I’m thinking about her.  Then I think, “Nah!”  So, I’m merely living out my life and “pretending.”  Don’t take this the wrong way.  But a fellow writer pointed it out and after thinking a great deal about it, I agree with him! (see )

 Life can be an illusion, an illusion of what we behold.  I never totally understood the concept of the universe being within you (I thought “how ridiculous!”), until just lately, and recognizing it that it’s that we all have our own perspective and things affect us all differently.  But we don’t recognize that (well, some of us don’t) and we erroneously believe that we are right, and everyone should understand our rules and rightness and agree!!!  

I’ve been told, “Oh Kathi (sometimes, yes Mom!), I forgot, it’s really all about YOU!”

Well.  Yes.  It is.

No one cares about me like I do.  No one cares if I’m hurting, no one cares (that much) if I am in pain.  And no one really cares about my opinion (hard to believe, isn’t it? haha!).  

I seem to keep running around this theme, instead of writing about my original intention.  My writing has a way of doing that.  Now you know why I rise around 3 (although 4 is the more preferred and acceptable hour for me).  

This far into it, I had to do a re-read to try to find my thoughts again.  It’s this.  Live in the Moment, forgetting all else.  Yes, yes, we have to plan for our future, our retirement, our vacation plans, our plans of hoarding for old age (should it happen, and a lot of people keep saying “it beats the alternative.” …I’m not so sure about that…).  However, living in the moment requires me to take the time to watch the chipmunks up at Ruth’s house (story later this week….), notice the early morning buds and flowers, the beauty of the dirt road (Tyner NY has the absolute best dirt roads in the world in May!  The sense of peace was dominant in my morning yesterday).  

Here’s another thought that just struck me.  Why am I taking all of these pictures?  And here’s the answer….to remember the moment and enjoy it, go back to it.  

(Okay, I’m rambling…)

ImageAnd I’m ending this note with a favorite photo of my sister and our first dog, Penny, over on the farm in German.  Circa 1957?  

No, one more note, with a thank you to Jon Katz for his inspiration this morning in Bedlam Farm Journal.

Read and enjoy!


I woke up at 2 a.m.  Really???  What gives?  I’ve been doing this quite a bit this past week and it’s really tiring me out.  My favorite time is morning, but 2 a.m. is just a little bit too early for me!  (I gave up and came downstairs at 3.)  I’m a 4 a.m. riser!  Seriously!  (I guess I just need to be busier throughout the day and a little more active…) So….I came down to make my coffee and on a whim pulled out some incense.  Song of India, India Temple Incense.  So fragrant, it calmed my spirit immediately.  Guess I’d better buy more  (Amazon…)

My two girls talking.  A peaceful scene, and a great one for a grandma.


Decoration Day

I remember my grandmother calling it Decoration Day.  A day when you visit the graves, decorate them with flowers of remembrance.  And the village remembers those who have served to continue our freedom here in the United States.

IMG_6930 IMG_3811


These home town scenes are taken from my yard one Memorial Day.

IMG_6933 IMG_6934 IMG_6944 IMG_6946 IMG_6947 IMG_6948


This time worn tradition has been in place for many years, since before I came to be.  And it’s a tradition close to my heart.  The reading at the cemetery of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the veterans standing, and some on the bus from the Vets’  Home,  they cannot physically stand in the hot sun anymore, but their hearts are still there.  The horrors of war they experienced because of their sense of duty and love for their country.

And the playing of Taps.  And then the echo across the cemetery.


The Happy Sound

Sitting here in the early morning with my front door open.  It was so hot last night (weatherly extremes) that, in the middle of the night, I opened the front door when the thunderstorm finally came, and then I went back to bed.  So, sitting here I hear the birds as they rise, with their early morning calls.  They are happy, joyful, doing what they do.  Or so they seem to be.  I do not understand their calls, I know they mean something.  The one bird I’m listening to I know is doing his mating call (someone told me that).  But just before him, there was another that was being quite cheerful, and I’m sure she (or he) is discussing the lovely rain that cooled things down (a bit, more in store for us today).  

Maybe we should listen to them more.  I noticed that they have apps for that, but it’s not quite like the real thing, is it?