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Starting Over Again

Every once in awhile, 7 years or so, I do a major hauling out.  I cannot believe how much time it actually takes to haul everything out, throw it out, donate it, etc.  This is a bit of a repeat, but, where and how did I ever accumulate all of this???

One answer is simple.  Garage sales.  One man’s trash is another’s treasure.  Boy, you got that right!  Knickknacks for my granddaughter’s knickknack collection!  And a tricycle, a real tricycle!  What grandmother can resist that?  Of course, I did run across that old-fashioned telephone/chair (from the 60’s doesn’t seem old fashioned until you count that the 60’s was–gulp–50 years ago) and couldn’t resist it.  Yes, I have room for it somewhere.  Where, God only knows…I do think I will be putting together my own garage sale by the end of summer, unloading my treasures onto someone else.

I did reorganize the front room, though.  As we slowly clear the office so I can re-organize, renovate, and build a slightly larger than normal, studio apartment here.  I have a feeling it will go a little bit slower than I thought it would, but maybe it takes time to get used to the idea, too.  No rush, I suppose.  We humans tend to rush about, time costs money.

Maybe we should take away time…


photo taken Caernarvon, Wales

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Oh Bother!

After two days of being antsy, but incapable, of  shooting what I want (on the list, that super moon that hid and the heat of Sunday keeping me inside, followed by yesterday’s storm and “what-evers”) that moon showed up this morning (yes, it’s 4), brightening the sky and my world.  So the debate, as always, is “can I shoot it and have it turn out as good as Wells Horton’s?” (No, his lens is much stronger, you can see the textures of the craters, even) I’m sure I will get there.  And the moon will always be there (no doomsday reports, please).

(for those of you that just read this whole thing, here is the edited version because some of the links I embedded disappeared and I couldnt get them back.  So much for my creative genius).

Okay, what the heck.  Let’s step outside, mosquitoes and all.


Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye, human style.  Yesterday we buried Walter’s ashes in his family plot here at Riverview Cemetery in Oxford, NY.  Image

I spoke to his sister Linda and her children as we were walking around the cemetery afterward and we both agreed vocally that it’s just one dimension that we have said goodbye to.  He’s really never left.

Oh Captain, my Captain.  All of those things you wanted to teach me about life, but I couldn’t take the time off to learn, you are now teaching me, if I’ll only listen.  

Go ahead.  I’m listening.