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Mosquito trap (it works!)

Pretty cool, I think!


I know…summer is nearly over but we still suffer from mosquito. This takes 2 mn to do and from last night’s experience, it really works! (The idea came from a video I saw on a blogger’s post…
The next video is heavy duty and expensive but it’s only for those who suffer from huge quantities of mosquito as Florida (which I was unaware of) I posted it just in case someone is in that position.
Let me know if you got as good results as I had with the first one!
Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Precise recipe.
200 ml water
75 gr sugar
1 tablespoon dried yeast

DIY MOSQUITO TRAP pesticide FREE mosquito control Solar Powered Fan West Nile Virus

Uploaded on Apr 20, 2011
This mosquito trap can kill thousands of mosquitos over a few day period.
Using a Maxx Air Flow fan 24″, the Orange one…

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Trading in my Radio

I’ve traded up. I have ascended to heights I never once considered in my life to be important.

Earlier this spring, with the benefit of a macro lens, I opened my world to miniature wild flora. Appearing to have lost my mind, I became the iPhone photographer, patiently aiming at things that we pass by daily. I keep thinking my book (Up Close & Personal) as complete, only to have to add yet one more flower, followed by another…

But I was adament and while the word birds crossed my mind, I decided to not be interested in those little creatures that everyone else goes gaga over. I’m not buying bird feeders, too much of a lure to the local cats, who seem to believe that I miss mine and feel the need to bring gifts to my doorstep. No way.

Then I started hearing the sound of the dainty call of morning. Pitch dark at 5:30, who can identify? But the sound was sweet, and I have looked forward to his song each morning.

The other day I started looking online and they do have the calls and songs. Listening patiently, I have been able to identify 3, while familiarizing myself with others that I know are there (for example, the robin).

Organizing my house, polishing the banister from years of grunge to bring out its beauty, I resorted to music. While it was familiar and made time pass quicker, I found myself feeling like I had robbed myself of the joy of the music by my new friends, friends with feathers.

Early Morning Treat


Fasting is no fun, but sometimes a necessary evil when blood tests are involved. I was enlightened, however, when I realized I had some pocket change, so stopped by my favorite early morning diner here in Norwich, NY. The Caboose opens at 6 am. Those that know me understand that’s a late breakfast for me. Such that it is, I can’t expect the world to revolve around my “retired” schedule. Anyway, Kris had made fresh blueberry muffins. She prides her diner with local eggs, Skips Meat Marketmeats (local grocer), and Fojo Beans going-to-be famous coffee.
Early morning rain has washed the streets, it’s going to be a fine day!


I can honestly say, “I’ve done Tanglewood.” Movie theme night. Wonderful and amazing. Thousands of people. All different, all beautiful. People were friendly, polite.  They enjoyed their photograph being taken.  Great connection with them!  Celebrations of life.  Friends gathering.  All settled in and prepared for the concert as the bell rang.

As the orchestra started, I was taken back to my youthful days of high school band and the satisfaction I received  when it came to mastering a musical piece, and I envied those playing in the orchestra.  The moment of realization was monumental.  When we can find a connection, it becomes personal moment.

Did you know, they were going to eliminate “Moon River” from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”  It was great seeing old movie clips from that movie, the Pink Panther, and Casablanca, while they played.

Enjoy the images!










I enjoyed watching this older couple spending time together in their own little space, slightly apart from the crowd.