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Of Mary Richards and other Notables

The free spirit, why is it a preferred stance for a hippie or former hippie?  While I think hippies had an admirable quality, the free spirit, there has always been a somewhat lackadaisical attitude among that lifestyle.  People that read my blogs tend to think I am a former hippie.  Those that know me laugh and slap their knee.  Of course not!  This is “Mary Richards” through and through.  The cool girl, with standards that draw an audience from all sources and energies, everyone loves Mary.  Everyone wants to be with Mary.  Mary is cool.

Mary is just Mary, folks.  I put my clothes on methodically, one pant leg at a time, so to speak.  I have fears, I have confidence.   I want to draw you in to show you the magic in my life that you can take advantage of, but it’s your magic, not mine.  We all have this inner magic, called the soul.  The soul is what brings us to life.  There is no one like you and no one that can really touch that energy source inside of you to develop it, except for what you will allow.  And not to envelop you, but to enhance your experience here in this world that you live in.  

That is the draw.





Turning the World Upside Down

“How was her world turned upside down by seeing the stripes on the slave’s back?”  was the basic question that was posed to my children upon reading a chapter in their free reading book, all about the freedom trail for slaves in the United States during the time of the controversial Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

What does it mean to have your world turned upside down?  I posed to the children.  it’s weird.  It’s like standing on your head. The goal was not to try to make them feel the atrocities of slavery, but to bring it to a more personal level.  Quite often we think we can say to someone, “I understand,” but we don’t, not really.  We really do not understand at all, but we long to open our heart to their pain, hoping to relieve some of their burden.

As I watched these children, as I thought about these children throughout the night, I thought of the little girl in the room that lost her mom, turning her world upside down.  The strength of family has helped, I know, but it can never bring her mother back, it’s an experience she has had to bear.  I think of the other little girl in a brace, missing school for a medical appointment.  Her world turned upside down one night because their car was hit, devastating an entire family, separating by death and impairment.  A story yet to unfold. 

I hear of others, children broken, suicidal, not knowing what else to do.  A child?  Suicidal?  What gives?

Scars that cannot be found, hidden deep.  People, despite their age, trying to survive, or to cope with their world.

We do not know what another person is going through, day after day.  I have no answers, except kindness.  Show kindness to the person you have contact with, because you do not know, I do not know, what challenges face that person.  Their world is upside down.  Be there to point a way, to show that there is another way.  A way of love and peace and safety.


The Head Cold

Desperation reigns when it comes to what to write about, some days.  Writers are supposed to take experience (or at least imagination) in order to write and entertain the audience, but this writer came down with “the head cold” and life has been put on hold for the moment.  Sneezing, the inability to breathe correctly (forget those meditative breathing exercises!), the stuffy head that feels like the Thanksgiving turkey bread stuffing, minus the spices and chopped celery.  Just the absorption of “turkey juices” (or in this case, “creative abilities”) while in the oven.  

Like the turkey, though, when it’s done it’s done and we come out pretty tasty and satisfying of appetites.  And this is what I look forward to, the ability to write again and draw you in, into the world of imagination and expanding thoughts as we ponder the universe and all its blessings.

Leaving you with a picture that brings peace, albeit not the most striking photo, it’s one with a message.  Peace and hope for the journey ahead.  Sunrise for a new day.




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Sarah’s Cafe

The lobster roll at Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset, Maine (Rte 1), ordered as pure lobster meat (as opposed to lobster salad), is pictured here. I’d eaten half before realizing how beautiful it looked with the lighting! Bread was fresh and baked from scratch, I could tell. And you can see its mostly claw meat, the most tender and flavorful part.