It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

“…in the course of human events…”

This phrase came to my mind as I was thinking about how to write this blog today.  I felt it appropriate.

My current read is “American Warrior” by Gary O’Neal (with David Fisher).  This book is very well written, I have finished page 31 and I have to read slowly and reflect upon it.

Like my friend, Charlie, Gary O’Neal became part of Special Forces.  Unlike my friend, Charlie, Gary can talk about it.  Gary is an assigned warrior in this lifetime, and I can sense his soul through this book.  It is not an unworthy thing to be who we are, and Gary is a warrior.  

My dad served in Korea.  My grandfather in World War 1.  All the wars are fought differently.  All the wars have brought pain to those who served.  But the soldier is a special breed.  He (or she) is someone who served their country with patriotism and pride.  And fear.  All those who served know that it was not a matter of humanity, but of “kill or be killed” and that appears to be exactly what happened in Vietnam.  

I do not justify war.  War is sending young men to their fate, while the leaders talk about power and money.  Where are the leaders of yesteryear, the years of courage and bravery, the Bravehearts, the kings that led the men into battle?  Today we don’t even think of sending our leaders into these war zones, they are “at the front” in their mansions and government offices, dictating from a distance, and not only in America, but all over the world.

War is a part of the human condition.  It’s our history.  It’s a part of the human society, it’s sad to say.  But we can learn from them.  We can learn to accept and love, recognize that which we have to do to survive, what we have to do to experience the world, whether our own, or the world through others experiences.

I appreciate the warrior.  I regret the mistakes human society has made, war only being one of them.  But at this point, until I can determine otherwise, that’s the way that it is.  Doing our best.  No matter what we are called to.

God bless the warrior and the Gary O’Neals that are called.  


The “preferred” meal

Little Miss!  We sat down to feast on a beautiful chicken dinner, very carefully prepared by my son, and she ate oh, maybe 2 bites of salad, one of potato and I’m not real sure about the chicken, but she did make sure she ate the contents of the dill pickle.  Then she ran off to play (after sitting, standing, moving to her daddy’s lap, moving off her daddy’s lap, making use of the bathroom facilities, and a few other distracting things with which to skip her dinner).  I caught up with her eating her own Thanksgiving dinner with her Barbie dolls.


Holiday Cheer

I plunged into the $5 bin at Walmart the other day in search of holiday spirit.  I came up with several goodies.  Who knew you could buy “Home Alone” for just $5?  

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!”  


Princess Bride

Then I stumbled across a DVD conglomeration of classics, among the titles on this DVD was “Santa Conquers Outer Space.”  Catchy title, Catchy tune that I remembered seeing as a child at the Colonia Theatre in Norwich.  “...hurray for Santa Claus!”  I just had to have it.  Watching it tonight (one must preview before introducing it to grandchildren, after all), I had to laugh at the 1960s mentality of outer space, the robots, the polar bear suit worn by a “fierce” polar bear.  Cute!  Among my recommendation to put any grandparent into the holiday spirit.

Color Me Yellow

A Color with the title above “National Trust for Historic Preservation” and below listed as “Homestead Resort Pumpkin” was my final decision for my new kitchen.  I had practice, I’d put a yellow gingham valance at the window first to get the idea.  I finally grabbed a fistful of samples from the display and this was the winning yellow.  

Yellow.  Who in the world would want to paint their kitchen YELLOW?  It’s so…60’s?  While I was up on the ladder, painting away, I hoped that it would look okay, it is awfully bright.  But it is also more of a sunset goldish thing.  Or it could be a warm morning sun.  As I pondered yellow I thought about the sun and the energy that it gives to the earth and all it’s contents.  Through that energy, we live and breathe, and if our sun were to disappear, so would we.  The sun gives the moon it’s glow, creating energy there, and as the rotation goes, creates different moons for the earth’s benefit, effecting the ocean waves and even human behavior (and I’m sure if I look further, I can find many other things to associate lunar activity to).  The sun gives warmth to the rocks, who do not breathe, yet they sit here century after century, and one day become “old” rocks.  

So, this is a good reason to paint my kitchen yellow, to honor the energy of the sun and to be grateful for it.  

“Here comes the sun…and I say, it’s alright.”

Photos to follow. 

The History of Hair

Trip to the salon this morning, the stylist asked “do you want it dried and styled?”
“Of course!” was my reply!
A quick agreement from another customer confirmed what we both felt–sometimes it’s the only way to be pampered and get our hair played with these days.

Pampering has it’s history. In a world of girls, this is still common among the Smith girls.