It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

Mind Sweep!

Sweep out the corners of your mind. Sweep out the past, recollections that may hurt you, helped you to nurse depressed thoughts, encouraged feeling sorry for yourself.

That is certainly the challenge for today, sweeping out the ghosts of Christmas’ past, the behaviors of this past year (as well as throughout our lifetime) from those whom we feel have “done us wrong.”

Everything has been written down according to a point of view. Even if that point of view is the most unbiased viewpoint that there is, it is STILL a viewpoint, a photograph taken down and recorded from a standpoint that is unique, no two people can stand in the same spot and see the same thing at the same time, it simply cannot be done).

We constantly re-write history so it can be “better explained,” more “politically correct.” Oh come on! Really? I see things from my point of view, and to be quite honest, I am totally in the right. Right? (raise your eyebrow and cock your head to one side, turn slightly and roll your eyes at this person who is so sure she knows everything!) This is why we need to realize that we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. We’re not getting out of it alive anyway, and once we are gone, it’s nothing but a recording to play and then we move on.

Look up, forgive yourself and the other one, and keep walking. Move onto the next adventure!


Author: kmoser56

portrait photographer, mostly, with a yen for travel. Opening up to a world of discovery, I have found little bitty things worthy of "macro photographing," and have more recently enjoyed the learning the joys of HDR. Having joined the world of bloggers, I have been honing my own writing skills, and feel the blossoming of my soul inside.

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