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Old is New!

I’m still cleaning out, sorting, trying to make my move upstairs. I cannot do too much without appliances and cupboards moved, but I’m trying to motivate to do what I can.

Part of this move is sorting through my grandchildren’s toys, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, etc. Dull Crayola pencils caused me to think, “Where is there a pencil sharpener, my makeup bag?” and then I remembered old Mrs. Stork’s pencil sharpener down in the cellar. Decrepit thing that it is, I have passed it numerous times the last 9 years and the thought would glance through my head of “Does it still work?” passing through, remembering no more once I entered the real world of daylight at the top of the staircase.
I guess I know the answer now. The thing that surprised me the most was that it didn’t even need WD-40, and it sharpened just as easily as if it were brand new. Some things don’t change, they are as reliable as ever.

I wonder how the can opener works? Hm…


Author: kmoser56

portrait photographer, mostly, with a yen for travel. Opening up to a world of discovery, I have found little bitty things worthy of "macro photographing," and have more recently enjoyed the learning the joys of HDR. Having joined the world of bloggers, I have been honing my own writing skills, and feel the blossoming of my soul inside.

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