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Poor Puppy!

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He didn’t crawl onto my bed last night, so I figured he’d found a better spot.  All night.  Until around 3 when I couldn’t sleep any longer and went to seek him out.  Surely, he must have to go to the bathroom by now!  Poor pup-pup!  He’d accidentally been shut in the computer room.  A nicely carpeted room, I know he was fine, but you never saw a more joyful, happy puppy that he!  I wonder what he thought, was he abandoned, punished for something wrong?  No, no, just a grandmother that forgot where she’d left him…Image


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portrait photographer, mostly, with a yen for travel. Opening up to a world of discovery, I have found little bitty things worthy of "macro photographing," and have more recently enjoyed the learning the joys of HDR. Having joined the world of bloggers, I have been honing my own writing skills, and feel the blossoming of my soul inside.

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  1. Fabulous photo.