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IX. A Few Baby Turtles

Nature is fascinating! Sure wish I’d found them! Thank you, Matt, for walking!

Willis Island Walking

A popular definition of insanity states that if you do the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different outcome, you’re insane. I respectfully disagree. Whoever spoke those words had a limited understanding of patience. In terms of walking, for just over two months now I have done the same thing over and over, fully expecting a different outcome each time, and I am happy to report a different outcome came to be. 


After reaching 300 laps and completing another milestone, I was rewarded with a very different sight. In the midst of a lap – the 300th lap actually – and in broad daylight with no warning, a nest of baby turtles hatched at once and in a prison break-like mad dash over the beach made their ways into the water.


At first I wondered if these were a new species, not the usual green sea turtles whose…

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Weather or Not

In and out like a lion! Where does THAT come from?  

It has been an “awesomely” cold winter here.  Bone chilling winds, my Corinthian chimes have entertained me, trying to soften the cold blasts in my mind!  And just when I thought I’d seen signs of spring, yet another winter weather storm has sprung up!  This last of the “winter” season, or I suppose it could be the first of our “spring” season, always leaves me to choose to head south for a week or so of warmth, relief on the sinuses, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the change of seasons, but after March 15, they can just “blow away!”

I need an island….


I Wanna Soak Up the Sun

Adventures with Coffee

I’ve begun to think. “As long as it’s strong, it’ll do!”

When my coffee didn’t taste as good, it took me awhile, but I realized yesterday that my burr grinder wasn’t grinding right–very course. Great for a French press, but I’m a pour over girl! No wonder! It really ISN’T my taste buds! Such a relief to know!


Adventures in Coventry

A three year old
A dog named Bear
Three chickens
Three cats
And a tankful of fish!
Grandma babysits!
(Glad you aren’t here to watch my agility in crawling into the hen house, keeping hens IN while egg collecting and hoping none break in my pockets!)



A Load of Fun

A round of applause! Great story!


Today I noticed that in spite of an unyielding winter determined to wear out its welcome, the local hardware store has taken a leap of faith by filling its storefront and walkway with a grand display of all things summer. I saw birdbaths, a gleaming row of new lawnmowers, and a stack of wading pools depicting smiling cartoon elephants spraying water on laughing cartoon hippos. Closest to the sidewalk was a row of huge, bright red wheelbarrows with glossy black wheels, price tags swinging in the still chilly breeze.

As I hurried past the hopeful display and on to the grocery store one building over, I passed a small boy waiting for his father who was busy admiring an array of shiny new grills. The father turned to catch up to his son who had stopped at the row of red wheelbarrows. With both of his little hands gripping the…

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Breathe In, Breathe Out

“Present Moment, Wonderful Moment” by Thich Nhat Hanh is a sweet little book of Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living.  Today’s challenge was to have a “Breathing Room.”  With rooms in our homes for eating, sleeping, electronics (office), etc., why not a room for breathing, the author writes.  

Each time we need to return to ourselves, we can go into this simple room and sit quietly, following our (conscious) breathing…meditation is not sitting in passive sitting in silence…the intention of realizing full awareness of the present moment…free from distraction


I did choose my dining room, which I only use when I have company, for this.  It was that or the guest bedroom, but that has many many toys in it, so I thought I’d leave that “as is.”  There are no electronics (none plugged in, anyway) in this room, so I thought it perfect.  Even the clocks are not electronic, battery operated (does that count?) or key wound (I know that does not count).