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An Unwanted Chinese Daughter

I just finished reading “Falling Leaves” by Adeline Yeh Mah.  This beautiful story was written by Adeline and gives us insight into the struggles of a soul, seeking her parents love and approval.  We all want good things for our children and for them to have a better life, but in this case, this child was treated cruelly.  All of her life she sought approval, had to fend for herself, and as a human being, had to rely on herself to bring herself out of the rage of her parents.  Despite all of her attempts and all of her successes, at the end she was rejected by her stepmother.  Her story is worth reading.  My heart broke as I read her story.  She is truly a beautiful person and this story has made an impact on my own life.  I highly recommend it.


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Another “Ah-Ha” Moment

I love to read.  I love it all the more when a truth touches my heart.  I have just finished “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” by Alice Hoffman.  This inspiring piece of historical fiction is New York City in 1911.  Two fires frame the book, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Dreamland Fire.  While some of the characters really did exist, the main characters are fiction.  

My “ah-ha” moment came on page 230, the dialog between Ed Cohen and the liveryman.

“…I thought of your allegiance to God…you’d have to pay when you come before Him…”I’m before him now,” the liveryman said solemnly, “I’ve come to understand I’m before him each and every minute.”


Following Kate and Don

Following Kate and Don was a pretty interesting ride yesterday, along Route 2. Climbing out of the valley that North Adams is settled so safely in, on my way through Florida (not the state), I followed Kate and Don. As you can see, Kate and Don took their time traveling through the Berkshires. And I could tell, from their back bumper, that they were in no hurry, no hurry at all, with no particular destination in mind, or at least, in mind right away.

After following them for quite awhile, they did pull over to investigate a river and I would merrily climb again to the recommended mph.