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Henry VIII’s World vs. “Online Dating”

My current reading has taken me into the world of the Tudor monarchy and “dating” in 14th century England.

It all started quite innocently with a trip (two, in fact) to Wales and learning and seeing castles and reading of the past with Elizabeth I and then backwards, Henry’s’, Richards’, Edwards’, etc. that got me involved with British and Welsh history.

Reading of Henry VIII, Hans Holbein the Younger was the artist sent out to sketch the maidens to whom Henry was interested, or at least to discover the possibilities of such matches. There was Christina, Duchess of Milan, and Anne of Cleve’s, to name two. “Henry was delighted with the range of candidates” This was after Catherine of Aragon, the famous beheading of Anne Boleyn, and the death of his beloved Jane Seymour.

Henry had Hans traveling extensively ISO the next queen. Based on his sketches, family background, and ability to produce a prince, and then governmental negotiations, a wife would be chosen.

This reminded me of online dating: pictures are posted, we try to sell ourselves to each other, and hope to get a response. If it doesn’t work, we don’t understand why.

I guess things haven’t changed too much over the centuries, kings still try to change the rules, and we all still keep trying to find that love of our life.



Secret Bargains

I thought this was well said, I think a lot of us tend to do this.


There are secret bargains
I make with others
conclusions I reach
never spoken aloud
contracts I settle and sign
known only to me
but, to me,
still binding on all parties

When I meet my
stated commitments
perform the promised actions
if they do not respond as expected
I feel cheated,
betrayed, foolish,
red with shame
bitter with despair

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