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Taking Hold of Your Moment

The soul gives itself, alone, original, and pure, to the Lonely, Original, and Pure, who, on that condition, gladly inhabits, leads, and speaks through it. Then is it glad, young, and nimble. It is not wise, but it sees through all things. It is not called religious, but it is innocent. It calls the light its own, and feels that the grass grows and the stone falls by a law inferior to, and dependent on, its nature. Behold, it saith, I am born into the great, the universal mind. I, the imperfect, adore my own Perfect. I am somehow receptive of the great soul, and thereby I do overlook the sun and the stars, and feel them to be the fair accidents and effects which change and pass. More and more the surges of everlasting nature enter into me, and I become public and human in my regards and actions. So come I to live in thoughts, and act with energies, which are immortal. Thus revering the soul, and learning, as the ancient said, that “its beauty is immense,” man will come to see that the world is the perennial miracle which the soul worketh, and be less astonished at particular wonders; he will learn that there is no profane history; that all history is sacred; that the universe is represented in an atom, in a moment of time.

The Over-Soul, Ralph Waldo Emerson

We carry God with us.

I will calmly front my day carrying God with me and the whole future in the bottom of my heart.

Photo:  Our Perennial Earth…


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Your Happy Thought

Your happy thought can bring you magic and wonder. My most recent happy thought occurred yesterday as my four year old granddaughter took my hand and she skipped to my quick pace, and laughter and joy filled my heart. That moment in time I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life, “and she lived happily ever after.”


Self Reliance and “Who Am I?”

I took a three week break from my readings, and have now chosen to return to Emerson.  I have had need of a clear focus, and for me this works.

As a tidbit on the wisdom of youth, he writes the following:

Infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five out of the adults who prattle and play to it. So God has armed youth and puberty and manhood no less with its own piquancy and charm, and made it enviable and gracious and its claims not to be put by, if it will stand by itself. Do not think the youth has no force, because he cannot speak to you and me. Hark! in the next room his voice is sufficiently clear and emphatic. It seems he knows how to speak to his contemporaries. Bashful or bold, then, he will know how to make us seniors very unnecessary.

I chuckle as I read these words, for I am reminded of my grown children, their wisdom, and their children, whom we talk baby talk, try to get their attention, try to teach them, only to be confounded by their childlike wisdom, and as they grow and conform to their peers and siblings, we become the appendage or, “what do we do with Grandma?”


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Building Your Fortress

I was scanning through my photo files here on my external hard drive, where I have learned that is not only a safe place from crashes (well, maybe), but also a way to never ever find the file that I am thinking is “somewhere there.”  Anyway, I stumbled across some photos of a fort my nephew and I visited in Connecticut.  Interesting, but mildly boring now that I’m looking through the files.

iphone pics 324 iphone pics 337

What were these forts for?  Protection.  Just in case we were attacked.  I’m trying to remember if our guide said that they ever were attacked.  I don’t believe so.  Money, time, engineering.  Just in case.

Those thoughts took me back to my visit to Wales in 2009 and 2010 and the castles Edward I (and others).  These fortifications were built and served several reasons (reasons that I’m sure were duplicated into the lives of those who lived near our fortifications here in America as well):  they were a presence that assured the villager of a place of safety, they were a reminder of the power of the king, they served as a lookout and a place for knights (and others) while they were guarding/waiting for an enemy to appear.  Most of these saw no action, but they were built with extreme care.

DSC02315 DSC02291.chirkcastle IMG_1131 IMG_6547 IMG_6706Dolbardon Castle,Llanberis IMG_1061  IMG_1134

These amazing feats in architecture are miniscule compared to others, I’m sure.  It brought me my WOW though!

I’m not sure I really have a point to this story.  Perhaps I’m just pointing out what we humans do.  We build, we leave, someone else either takes down or preserves and puts up a ticket booth.  I am reminded of the story I read last year about when the Astors owned New York.  They bought blocks of New York City, constructed hotels that were the top of the line for their day.  Today they have been replaced by the modern Empire State Building and other more convenient structures.

It does make you think about your own, doesn’t it?

Getting Caught Between the Moon and New York City

…the best you can do is fall in love…

It’s the light. We are attracted like moths to light.  Our hearts want/need light.  And a little magic.

Brooke and Me-6421

(No pictures on file of New York City though…will have to correct that…!)

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The Entrance into Spring

“Spring! Spring! Spring!”  sang the frog.

“Spring!” said the groundhog.

“Spring, Spring, Spring!” sang the robin.

It was Spring.

The leaves burst out.

The flowers burst out.

And robins burst out of their eggs.

It was Spring

Home For A Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown,

A Little Golden Book

I am reminded of this book as the weather gets warmer, spring is only a week away….the snow is starting to melt, there is a little bit of power behind that sunshine!

My journey today has taken me into reading of Kokopelli, the Native American flute player.  Kokopelli, among his other talents, plays his flute to usher winter into spring.  Appropriate.


(no, they’re not here yet, this is a photo I have on file, but I’ll let you know when they surface!)

Literary Ethics … Snippets of Emerson

…the difference of circumstance is merely costume…ask the details of nature’s Now…be lord of a day, through wisdom and justice, and you can put up your history books.