It's All About the Journey

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The Bug

It was ENORMOUS!  At least 3″ long, and the 3 of us shrieked when it fluttered.  We pushed it along it’s merry way.

Good thing it’s only a bug, without feeling, maybe someone else can love it.




Rituals and Magic

I wanted to be at home more than anything, but getting there that was the problem. I might touch the telephone pole at step three hundred and fourteen and then, fifteen paces later, worry that I hadn’t touched it in exactly the right spot…” 
From Naked by David Sedaris

Humored by this book. Light reading, yet common threads of truth, or at least thoughtfulness.

Flintshire County, Wales

For you history lovers out there.  This is David Rowe’s third book about this northeastern countryside of Wales.  I have had the opportunity to visit Wales under David’s guidance.  Wonderful!

Never forbid the opportunity to travel.  Travel affords GROWTH.




The heavy, gray water
leaps in protest
at the wind’s icy touch

The waves are
streaked in silver by
the city’s thousand lights

The black bulk
of the distant hills
is limned in rose and gold

Shivering, I pull my coat
in closer, searching
for a little warmth

As the ferry’s lone, red beacon
slips away into the dawn
toward my lost home

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