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Squirrelly Kind of Christmas

A newly decorated abode for Mr. Squirrel!  Happiness holiday!


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The City of Liars

Politicians.  Politician Wannabes.

Reading/watching news reports, whether reported live or recorded, can be very conflicting.  We, the people of the United States, hoping to form a more perfect union, are constantly hit with opinions and promises.  We are constantly bombarded by news media’s interpretations of speeches.  Everyone is reading between the lines, hoping for insight and revelation.

In the latest barrage of “who is being seduced by ISIS” or “who is being not politically correct” or “who is going to let the refugees come” I have had to just say, “oh I cannot do this right now.”  I’m so very tired of the fighting between the potential presidential candidates.  I’m taking a break for the holidays.  (After all, it’s what Washington does, right?  I mean, I just noticed a photo taken of the Obamas getting off the plane in Honolulu…)

Watch for the future:

What kind of person do I want in the White House?  One that will not fail ME.  One that will take care of ME.  That’s what government is about, isn’t it?  Isn’t that why I am a United States citizen?  I need to protect my family.  I need to reach out to the poor and needy, and help them to thrive, while being careful to not dish handouts.

I need my government to create jobs, like Roosevelt did.

Those making the laws need to listen to the people too.  And not from incomes that apparently matter, but from little people who work 2 or 3 jobs to try to make ends meet, that cannot afford insurance, let alone the penalty fee imposed by this (excuse me while I swallow hard) government.

The United States needs to accept immigrants that are willing to 1) be a part of the citizenship of the United States, 2) willing to work for the United States becoming a part of that more perfect union.  That’s what every immigrant that has come to the United States has hoped for.  Land of the free, home of the brave.  But to house other cultures and give in to their value system?  What is OUR value system?  Why aren’t they embracing it?  This is individual choice I’m speaking of here:  the person who wanders over the border to make a better life without following the rules of immigration, the person entering our country, only to injure and kill innocents.

Too many other things flying around here in my brain: what about the poor job the military has done with torture, etc.?  That I have no answer for, I only know that mankind is the only species that kills each other.  My heart breaks.

No answers.  Just thoughts.




The 2016 Healthcare Penalty Program

“Just a reminder to go to the Marketplace and choose, before December 15, 2015, the plan that is right for you.  Penalty for not having required healthcare starts at $697.”

This looms over me.  For the last two days I have checked in, just to see what may be new and improved.  The website was down.  What?!  (And now it’s December 16th…)

What I do know:  My penalty for this year will be about $650.  Speaking and working with a healthcare insurance broker, the silver MVP plan would be the best way to go.  Approximately $275/mo.  $3000 deductible.  Co-pay on meds.

As a self pay now, I give my doctor $80/visit.  For my health then, if I don’t get sick, that’s $640/year.  If I had insurance, I would be billed $140.  That’s $1120.  Does not reach the deductible, does it?  My medicine runs about $40/mo.  That’s $480.  My Stelara is courtesy of the foundation, there for those whose insurance will not cover it (if I had insurance, it would be a $70 co-pay, which means $280/year).  I apply annually.

Why would I give my hard earned money, that I can barely swing upon now, to an insurance company, so I can wait for a disaster, year after year, that may or may not happen.  We need to count on disaster, right?  I’m not saying this for everyone, everyone has their own set of circumstances, children, spouses.  But let’s fight to make insurance something that works hand in hand with the people.  Why should we be paying them, lining their pockets, and hoping we will have some illness that is devastating, just so insurance will pay for it?  And, why should the government penalize me because I cannot afford insurance?  Or better yet, have a general healthcare paid for by the government, taken out of taxes, just like Canada or Europe?  Why give it to an insurance company that just keeps collecting our hard earned dollars?  There is no benefit, unless I become deathly ill.  And then, the insurance company looks in the book to see if they should cover treatment.  Oh no, you have to do this before you do that.

Here’s another thought:  did you know that you can work with hospitals and some physicians offices on payment plans and financial aid packages based on your income and living expenses?  I do not know how long this will last.  In our land, where freedom rings, the bell is ringing softer and softer.

This is the land of the free….

(A rhetorical issue…please give some thought…)