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A Christmas Story

A short story

One year someone gave us their white light framed reindeer.  We were the recipients because it always grazed, never lifted its head, like it was supposed to.  Why we were the ones that received it, I do not recall, but there you have it.

My kids were about middle school age, I think, and way too busy to bother with any decorating, leaving it all up to me.  I wondered how little they would pay attention….

I chose to move my white light deer.  Every day I moved him to graze in another section of lawn.

Then one day it happened. He moved!  Not only had he moved, but he was hanging from the tree (oh dear)!  I did get a chuckle out of it.  Took him down to graze some more.

The next time I looked, he was feet up in front of my car!  Talk about laughter and the best medicine!

By the way, the prankster is now a school principal.  I wonder if he tells his children this story…?