It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!


I realize that all of my life I’ve been striving to not miss anything.  I have almost missed it all, by this striving!  Work, play, keeping up with the Jones’.  It sneaks up on you.

In my old age, I now realize the importance of living in the day, and while planning for the morrow, to just take it one day at a time.  It sort of sneaks up on you and it took me about 62 years to realize it.

Sir Hector, the derelict tomcat, sits by my doorstep, his food is gone in the barn.  I feed him and he leaves.  He comes back awhile later, he is hungry again.  I feed him, he leaves.  So I went downtown and bought “barn food” (aka cheap cat food) and he followed me back to the haymow, where the cats normally eat.  He was the only one who steadfastly waits.  He must be the king of the clan, you think?  However, this simple act alone, has taught me something, and I’m grateful for it.

We only need to take care of today.  Tomorrow has more, but today’s grace is sufficient.


Author: kmoser56

portrait photographer, mostly, with a yen for travel. Opening up to a world of discovery, I have found little bitty things worthy of "macro photographing," and have more recently enjoyed the learning the joys of HDR. Having joined the world of bloggers, I have been honing my own writing skills, and feel the blossoming of my soul inside.

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