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Boring, but Important

I sat for 6 hours yesterday staring at the computer screen, and will save 10% on my car insurance for the next 3 years.  This is a timed session, so I had to take their time, trying to comprehend the laws of physics (oh yes, they are quite detailed for this common mind) in relationship to braking and the speed of impact.  I admit, the older I get, the more I do actually comprehend science easier.  It’s a good thing there is mechanical action in driving, some of us would be overwhelmed and not ever get behind the wheel–reaction times, judgement times, all are emphasized, counting seconds between you and the next car to determine car length, very tedious reading.  In other areas, it is also eye opening to see that, at least in NYS, it can cost you $150 and 3 points on your driver’s license if you are pulled over for using “an electronic control device.”  They spend a great deal of the 6 hours on the evils of alcohol and drunk driving.  I agree.  I wonder (ponder) though:  are statistics higher because people drive more, rather than live local and walk to and from the bar?  And is that right also?  What is right? (This is a rhetorical question.)  So, 4 hours of holiday admonishing (the perils/evils of drunk driving) and 2 hours of how to drive correctly, what all the signs mean with their shapes and colors, and how much time is needed to pass a slow moving vehicle.  It also covered road rage.  And there were quizzes randomly after sections, and identification tests to make sure I was still me, and not my secretary filling in.

After all, what else does one do to occupy time on a cold and bitter January day? (Also rhetorical.)