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Another “Ah-Ha” Moment

I love to read.  I love it all the more when a truth touches my heart.  I have just finished “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” by Alice Hoffman.  This inspiring piece of historical fiction is New York City in 1911.  Two fires frame the book, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Dreamland Fire.  While some of the characters really did exist, the main characters are fiction.  

My “ah-ha” moment came on page 230, the dialog between Ed Cohen and the liveryman.

“…I thought of your allegiance to God…you’d have to pay when you come before Him…”I’m before him now,” the liveryman said solemnly, “I’ve come to understand I’m before him each and every minute.”



The Wonderful World of L. Frank Baum

I found a great book at my local library, all about small museums of upstate NY (Unknown Museums of Upstate New York, by Chuck D’Imperio).  The author not only talks about the museums, the WOW factor, but also gives it in perspective of what is also located in that area.  It just so happens that close to the Museum of Oddities in Cazenovia, is Chittenango, home of L Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.  I had no idea that there were sequels written to The Wizard of Oz.  I am intrigued!  (Although I will say I did enjoy the movie better, but it’s definitely worth a re-read to see what really happened in Oz).  

Anyway, in reading the site,, I found out that I share the author’s birthday.  In fact, I was BORN on his 100th birthday.  Wow, that sends a little bit of a chill, or commonality, or something, I’m not quite sure yet.  But I am interested in finding out about the oz-stravaganza in June.  I have at least one grandchild who would LOVE it!