It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

Celebrate Today

Today is National Apple Pie Day, I learned from the morning news, as I also watched Mr. Food’s Howard create Pineapple Honey Salad Dressing (Mmm…it’s so good!).

Why do we need national food celebration days?  Every single day is devoted to a national holiday of some kind, have you noticed that?  Is humanity THAT NEEDY, that we are ISO something better from every single day?

In my own personal walk, trying to ground myself, I stepped into previous writings ISO myself a little bit more.  Turning the inside out!

A dear friend shared a message with me a few years ago.  I recorded it.  I refer to it.  “You have the right to be who you are.  Stop apologizing for being you.  Stop trying to earn what is already yours.  You have earned this incarnation, so live it with integrity and fullness.  The mountain does not apologize, nor does it seek approval.  It simply is what it is.  Be what you are.  Your soul know its way.”  

Delve deep, go inside.  If you don’t meditate, or cannot meditate, pick your own way.  Art, music, writing.  Or go out of doors and stand in the grass to greet the earth and nature.  Breathe deep.  Grow the your flower inside of you, a rose of beauty.

Emerson writes:  The inner world of imagination becomes a sanctuary of hope and promise, a place of retreat for feelings and thoughts, where seeds of individuality and creativity incubate.

Now, isn’t that tastier than that $75 cup of coffee from beans from Panama?  Easier to obtain, but you do have to open the earth of your heart and soul, and bravely explore.

photo rose


It Must Be the Moon

Anxiety and irritation and I need to shake it. Or maybe just feel it. I remember someone saying awhile back “it’s the moon!” Well, it IS full. And a blood moon.

I’ll take it! And feel better tomorrow!

Targeting what’s wrong and knowing it will pass makes peace possible!

The Call of the Wild

I woke and lay there, my mind racing with my own thoughts.  Thoughts of my future, thoughts of the day to day routines, how am I going to… (fill in with next project, next decision to make).

As I laid there, waiting for the urge to stop thinking and focus on sleep again (it’s a counting backwards thing–you know…100…99…98…97…)  I heard the pack.  Yip-yip-yip…coyotes.  What was their cry and why?  Not just one or two.  A pack.

I am safe from these wild things.  I take precautions.  We are cool with each other, as long as we do not invade each other’s territory.  And sometimes that happens.

While their yips caused me a slight jolt of fear, I was reminded of nature and her wild ways.  Humans are at the top of the food chain.  We think, we reason, we build, we take over.  There is no room for nature, only humans.  We create, we live, we want the wild.  We tame the wild.  We build our cities, we build our houses and our factories, and our warehouses to store all of the wonderful things we have made, so we can sell/share it with others.

But nature can take over anytime she wants.  In our confidence as humans, we build things to last, for a little while, because we tend, now that we have the technology, to tear down and build more and better.  Then the hurricane flies.  The tornado winds swirl, the mosquito bites.  Humans worry and wonder how will they make it through this natural disaster?

Oh, but nature is so beautiful.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live here?  Yes, it would be good.  But you do have to live respectfully and naturally.  There are wild things in this world that need respect.

Carefully, let us tread.


Man vs. Nature

I’m so tired of news. Man vs. Nature. What do they expect? Seriously! We mess with the land, we try to tame nature. There is no taming her. She will take over whenever man tries to control her too much. When will we learn to respect her? Leave the Everglades alone, respond to the cities and leave if you need to!

Leave her for a few moments, she will take over her world. This is her world. It’s not nice to try to fool Mother Natire, after all.