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Appealing the Death Penalty

I read in The New York Times today about the death sentence confirmed against deposed president Mohamed Morsi.  Several sentences later it states “the defendants now have the right to appeal through the courts.”

My thoughts turned back through time and Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and their death penalties issued.  Justice was swift, those condemned were allowed a final speech. Charles Radcliffe appealed to the queen that he only be beheaded, he’d been condemned to also bring drawn and quartered.  Of course, there is also Mary, Queen of Scots, who was under house arrest for 17 years, but once charged with treason, lost her head as well.  Or Lady Jane Grey, the 9 day queen.  

My point being, there wasn’t much in the way of appealing.  Especially not Henry VIII.  Waved his wrist, and moved on, or at least it seems…

Reading more on Mr. Morsi, the New York Times is very detailed.  

I am not advocating the death penalty, in lieu of lifetime imprisonment.  I tend to swing on that, so this is not what it is about. This is merely observation.  And thought.  Thoughts of the guilty, and of the innocent.


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One Woman’s Strength…another Book Review

The Other Queen, by Philippa Gregory

I enjoy the way Ms. Gregory writes the thoughts of others, others of so long ago.  It fascinates me that Mary, Queen of Scots (imprisoned at this writing by house arrest and Queen Elizabeth, her cousin) would feel the way she does:

“I am only twenty-six years old and I have lived three lifetimes already!  I deserve the highest place in the world and yet I occupy the lowest.  But still I am a queen, I am a queen three times over. I was born Queen of Scotland, I was crowned Queen of France, and I am heir to the crown of England…I am a queen: different rules apply for queens.  I have had to endure events as a woman that I would never even name as a queen.  I would not stoop to acknowledge them..I will never complain of it.  As a queen my person must be inviolate, my body is always holy, my presence is sacred.  Shall I lose that powerful magic for the benefit of moaning on about my injuries?  Shall I trade majesty itself for the pleasure of a word of sympathy?  Would I prefer to command, or do I long to whimper about my wrongs?  Shall I order men, or shall I weep at the fireside with other injured women?  Of course. The answer to this is simple.  Bien sur.  No one must ever pity me…I cannot be robbed of myself, I cannot mislay my own divinity.  I may be abused but I will always deny it.  Whether I am seated on a throne or wearing rags, I am still a queen…I am ordained, I am chosen by God.  How can they be so dense as to not see it?…I am queen till death.  It is not an office, it is not an occupation, it is an inheritance of blood.”

I enjoy Mary’s take on life.  She certainly had strength of character.  I admire that!  Oh to have just a little of that strength…