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Appealing the Death Penalty

I read in The New York Times today about the death sentence confirmed against deposed president Mohamed Morsi.  Several sentences later it states “the defendants now have the right to appeal through the courts.”

My thoughts turned back through time and Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and their death penalties issued.  Justice was swift, those condemned were allowed a final speech. Charles Radcliffe appealed to the queen that he only be beheaded, he’d been condemned to also bring drawn and quartered.  Of course, there is also Mary, Queen of Scots, who was under house arrest for 17 years, but once charged with treason, lost her head as well.  Or Lady Jane Grey, the 9 day queen.  

My point being, there wasn’t much in the way of appealing.  Especially not Henry VIII.  Waved his wrist, and moved on, or at least it seems…

Reading more on Mr. Morsi, the New York Times is very detailed.  

I am not advocating the death penalty, in lieu of lifetime imprisonment.  I tend to swing on that, so this is not what it is about. This is merely observation.  And thought.  Thoughts of the guilty, and of the innocent.


The Word for the Day: Morganatic

Wow!  Are we still like this in society today?  (I’m thinking, yes, pretty much, although we tend to say emphatically, “NO, we’re not!”