It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

The Call of the Wild

I woke and lay there, my mind racing with my own thoughts.  Thoughts of my future, thoughts of the day to day routines, how am I going to… (fill in with next project, next decision to make).

As I laid there, waiting for the urge to stop thinking and focus on sleep again (it’s a counting backwards thing–you know…100…99…98…97…)  I heard the pack.  Yip-yip-yip…coyotes.  What was their cry and why?  Not just one or two.  A pack.

I am safe from these wild things.  I take precautions.  We are cool with each other, as long as we do not invade each other’s territory.  And sometimes that happens.

While their yips caused me a slight jolt of fear, I was reminded of nature and her wild ways.  Humans are at the top of the food chain.  We think, we reason, we build, we take over.  There is no room for nature, only humans.  We create, we live, we want the wild.  We tame the wild.  We build our cities, we build our houses and our factories, and our warehouses to store all of the wonderful things we have made, so we can sell/share it with others.

But nature can take over anytime she wants.  In our confidence as humans, we build things to last, for a little while, because we tend, now that we have the technology, to tear down and build more and better.  Then the hurricane flies.  The tornado winds swirl, the mosquito bites.  Humans worry and wonder how will they make it through this natural disaster?

Oh, but nature is so beautiful.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live here?  Yes, it would be good.  But you do have to live respectfully and naturally.  There are wild things in this world that need respect.

Carefully, let us tread.



Leave the Moon Alone!

Snippet article in “The Week” regarding literal lunar travel–the federal government approved the first private space mission to the moon.  Moon Express is a Florida based company and it hopes to put a lander on the lunar surfaces in 2017.  Believe it or not, there was even mention of eventual plans to mine the moon for rare elements and metals.  What?!  Are you kidding?  Don’t mess with the moon!  We have enough tsunamis, el-Ninos, etc. to think about, and if you mess with it, it will surely mess with us!

In other equally important news, the federal government has stated that there is little evidence that regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay, another snippet states.  So, all of those scowls from our hygienist are all for naught, it’s not our fault for not flossing!  (Darn!  I have read this report just after I have promised my hygienist that I would be a more faithful flosser!)

Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away

I’ve set up my petunias, my columbine.  I’ve seen three hummingbirds in the short amount of time I dwell out of doors. Still have yet to capture them photographically.  Patience and Time.

My Vacation

Vacationing in the “deep south,” Brisben, New York, enjoying a vacation from my ordinary lifestyle.  We’re here in the woods, just outside of town, and I never quite realized how much closer the stars are here in Brisben, New York.  I almost touched them, last night when the dog and I went out to check out the evening air (and find his dutiful spot in the deep deep snow).  I wish I could have pictured it, but had chosen no equipment to bring, and I don’t think I could quite capture this beauty, the way I could see it with my eyes.  Each constellation stuck out brilliantly (Orion is my favorite, perhaps because he is always so obvious!), and I felt “mad” with excitement.  Only the bitter bitter cold kept me from staying out of doors (the slated -29, although not confirmed at that particular moment, kept me and the dog at bay and in by the noisy coal stove), donned in my finest flannel, my big purple boots that belong in a museum (they are so old), and warm down coat.

I guess Ralph Waldo would be/could be proud of his student here, instead of writing (which I’m doing now because of that “need to share”), I just took part with the nature, which is his intention that every person become a true part of the nature, hence, nourishing the soul.