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World of Terror

A long time in speaking up.  Fear of people thinking I’m too radical.  Too shallow minded. 

Freedom of speech in hand, I want to say this: “why are tourists allowed to go to hostile countries?”  I think that, until situations change, no one should be allowed to travel into a hostile country.  It is a sad thing that Otto has lost his life.  But a very foolish thing for our government to allow tourists the ability to travel into a hostile country.  We are asking for trouble.  Guidance is needed.  Why are we setting ourselves up for failure, for loss of life?  

We have to show wisdom and discernment.  Is this a good experience or a bad one?  Are my actions in keeping with their culture, or am I putting myself (and possibly others) at risk?  

Be careful Americans.  Know what you’re getting into.  We have to take care of ourselves!


Life In These United States

A rather frightening world is emerging while we Americans stand by and watch.  In my thoughts about the random violence here in these United States, my thoughts turn toward the Middle East.  I’ve been to the Middle East twice.  School children and their teachers carry military weapons in Israel when on field trips (and maybe other times, but I saw this first hand in 1979).  Obviously for protection, just in case.  Often I’m sure has been the case when they came in handy.  I’m wondering if life in these United States will become like the Middle East way of life.  No one is safe.  Radical religious groups have surfaced and created violent lifestyles over the centuries, it’s the norm there.

We used to feel safe, here in these United States.  We are across the pond from violent tendencies.  But now the violence has followed us, it’s not only entering our shores, it’s crossing our borders, and it is emerging from the tumors beneath the surface.  It has taken people without direction, and given them “just cause” for senseless violence.

Where will it all end?  Gun control could help, but those that own legally are not the perpetrators, it’s those that steal.  It’s those that slip out of the FBI’s eyes when they shift, leaving that questionable person to continue, and then “didn’t see it coming.”

Remember Nazi Germany?  The Jews were blamed for everything by the Fuhrer.  They say it can’t happen again, but I beg to differ.  Germany thought Hitler was wonderful, until he had complete control and the worm turned.  This example has been brought up a lot lately, my concern is that those causing the violence will indeed blame those of us who are trying to defend our country and our freedom will take this opportunity to rob us of exactly that.  I am concerned that the violence at the nightclub, then at Walmart in Texas, and further adventures in violence, may be the leverage our government will use to declare a military state and dictatorship.  (I hope I’m not right.)

Is the election all a ruse, meant to distract America?  What will happen next?  Can we trust our government?  I’m sorry to say, I do not trust them.  In the end, I have to watch out for me and my own.

No answer here, but just watching and waiting, and hoping a Savior will arise…a theme throughout the history of the world…




This is what the LORD says: “A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.”  

Jeremiah 31:15

My heart mourns with Rachel, whose child died unexpectedly at the jaws of the alligator.  No parent should have to go through that.

My heart mourns for Rachel, who lost children in Orlando, at the hand of a madman.  No parent should have to go through that.

My heart mourns the Rachel of the madman.  No parent should have to go through that: that your child became a murderer.

My heart mourns for the Rachels who have lost children, who became soldiers, fighting to stop terrorism from seeping into our country.  No parent should have to go through that.

In stories that are as old as time, they do.

Rachel, while it’s impossible to imagine, it is written that joy comes in the morning.  Meanwhile, let me put my arms around you.  I cannot comfort you, but hopefully it helps, just a little bit.


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The City of Liars

Politicians.  Politician Wannabes.

Reading/watching news reports, whether reported live or recorded, can be very conflicting.  We, the people of the United States, hoping to form a more perfect union, are constantly hit with opinions and promises.  We are constantly bombarded by news media’s interpretations of speeches.  Everyone is reading between the lines, hoping for insight and revelation.

In the latest barrage of “who is being seduced by ISIS” or “who is being not politically correct” or “who is going to let the refugees come” I have had to just say, “oh I cannot do this right now.”  I’m so very tired of the fighting between the potential presidential candidates.  I’m taking a break for the holidays.  (After all, it’s what Washington does, right?  I mean, I just noticed a photo taken of the Obamas getting off the plane in Honolulu…)

Watch for the future:

What kind of person do I want in the White House?  One that will not fail ME.  One that will take care of ME.  That’s what government is about, isn’t it?  Isn’t that why I am a United States citizen?  I need to protect my family.  I need to reach out to the poor and needy, and help them to thrive, while being careful to not dish handouts.

I need my government to create jobs, like Roosevelt did.

Those making the laws need to listen to the people too.  And not from incomes that apparently matter, but from little people who work 2 or 3 jobs to try to make ends meet, that cannot afford insurance, let alone the penalty fee imposed by this (excuse me while I swallow hard) government.

The United States needs to accept immigrants that are willing to 1) be a part of the citizenship of the United States, 2) willing to work for the United States becoming a part of that more perfect union.  That’s what every immigrant that has come to the United States has hoped for.  Land of the free, home of the brave.  But to house other cultures and give in to their value system?  What is OUR value system?  Why aren’t they embracing it?  This is individual choice I’m speaking of here:  the person who wanders over the border to make a better life without following the rules of immigration, the person entering our country, only to injure and kill innocents.

Too many other things flying around here in my brain: what about the poor job the military has done with torture, etc.?  That I have no answer for, I only know that mankind is the only species that kills each other.  My heart breaks.

No answers.  Just thoughts.



Give Me Paris!

I have seen recently, after the Paris attack on Friday night, profiles change with the colors of the French flag, as a means of support in the recent terrorism that has plagued our planet Earth, from a group that seems to have no more interest in the human race except to destroy, simply because they are.

This support is ever fearful on my part, my humanity that has no more real motive than to wake people up and keep them aware of what is going on in the world, and inspire them to stand up for what is right, to have a voice, and to SPEAK.

I believe the most important thing a person can do is show love and respect for another human being.  They can respect and love nature.  We are the keepers of the earth.  We have dominion over every living thing, and what we do, and what influences our mind, ultimately influences our BEHAVIOR.

I have only one opportunity to do you well here.  I have one chance to be nice to you today.  I’ve got to take that chance.  I will not seek to destroy you.  I must love you for this moment of who you are, not destroy you.

Fear.  I speak out despite my fear.  I would seek to hide beneath a rock, live in the caves, preserve my life.

To those who have gone because of this group, I’m sorry they took your life, and you cannot experience life anymore.  You have been swept into eternity by those who have no interest in life itself.

Here is to you!  You are etched in our lives, as previous centuries of terror have been etched in others.  You will not be forgotten by current survivors.