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World of Terror

A long time in speaking up.  Fear of people thinking I’m too radical.  Too shallow minded. 

Freedom of speech in hand, I want to say this: “why are tourists allowed to go to hostile countries?”  I think that, until situations change, no one should be allowed to travel into a hostile country.  It is a sad thing that Otto has lost his life.  But a very foolish thing for our government to allow tourists the ability to travel into a hostile country.  We are asking for trouble.  Guidance is needed.  Why are we setting ourselves up for failure, for loss of life?  

We have to show wisdom and discernment.  Is this a good experience or a bad one?  Are my actions in keeping with their culture, or am I putting myself (and possibly others) at risk?  

Be careful Americans.  Know what you’re getting into.  We have to take care of ourselves!

Leave the Moon Alone!

Snippet article in “The Week” regarding literal lunar travel–the federal government approved the first private space mission to the moon.  Moon Express is a Florida based company and it hopes to put a lander on the lunar surfaces in 2017.  Believe it or not, there was even mention of eventual plans to mine the moon for rare elements and metals.  What?!  Are you kidding?  Don’t mess with the moon!  We have enough tsunamis, el-Ninos, etc. to think about, and if you mess with it, it will surely mess with us!

In other equally important news, the federal government has stated that there is little evidence that regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay, another snippet states.  So, all of those scowls from our hygienist are all for naught, it’s not our fault for not flossing!  (Darn!  I have read this report just after I have promised my hygienist that I would be a more faithful flosser!)

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History – Then & Now


One can only imagine the thrill (being an Oxford native) of realization that the train still ran in 2004, when I moved back to Oxford, New York.  Here is the picture, taken from my back yard, in June 2006.  About a week (or so) later, a devastating flood hit, destroying the tracks in several places.  It was heartbreaking to realize this was gone.

Below is the “good news” article about repairing the line.  And to make this good news even better, the work has begun!


Holiday Road

It was 1993, and again in 1995, that we “did the west.”  A trip down memory lane, at this summer’s end I took, with my photo albums.  Here’s to sharing with you…

Wide open spaces…

 South Dakota


   Land, lots of land…
 Not much gets better than this grand morning view of Mt. Rushmore!

 Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains in the distance (took all day to get there)

Give me a home where the buffalo roamIMG_0126

Where deer and antelope play…


Near Pinedale, Wyoming.




Arches National Park (okay, I had to re-edit this, grainy, but still good enough for majesty, I am the white blob in the corner of the arch).


A legendary creature….


The best cowboy show, IMHO…


Climbing up to visit the Anasazi…


3 widdle kids….or is it the Apple Dumpling Gang revisited?  (these 3 are now adults…with families)

If I am any encouragement at all…



Among Other News…

My local newspaper has had a series this year entitled, “The year was 1914...” and then there are stories.

One of the stories that caught my eye was about the “$10,000,000 widow” of Mr. William Hayes Chapman, of Norwich, New York.  Ah, the stories of the rich.  After Mr. Hayes death, she married a Philip Van Valkenburgh of New York, but divorced rather quickly (.  The favored new suitor was Prince Wolff Metternich of Austria.  His “dangerous” rival was the Portuguese Duke of Oporto, who had been close on the heels for the beautiful American divorcee for some time, but the prince feels that he is the favored suitor.

Upon my further investigation (via Google), Mr. Hayes had met his bride on the ship coming home from Europe.  According to the Gettysburg Times, there were several men seeking her hand in marriage.  Mr. Hayes died shortly after the wedding, relatives are trying to break the will.

Further New York Times investigation (headlines and first few lines only, can’t find my password on the subscription): in October 1909 she was “connected” with Lord Falconer, and in September of 1910 she was leading a very quiet life, turning down most social invitation.

Apparently the Portuguese duke won her hand in 1917.  (Photos included in this one.)  

I’m still searching for her real name.  But it is interesting what one can find, and then pursue.  For me, headlines and investigations.  For Mrs. William Hayes Chapman, well, a little bit more.  

UPDATE: DUKE OF OPORTO:,_Duke_of_Porto#Marriage