It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

Evening Walk

The perfect day for a walk to my self-dubbed bird sanctuary–the dike, the abandoned railroad tracks.  Yes I found a few birds.  I heard some, too.  I cannot find the bird in my field guide. Similar to the red wing blackbird, but the wing color shape all wrong. No picture, they aren’t still enough for me (yet).  But, walking along the river I made some beautiful discoveries.

Forget-me-nots were everywhere!  These are, by far, my favorite.  I’d see them in the woods as a small child, and somehow related too them (we were both small).

Walking on the overgrown tracks, I spied homespun bird houses 

And then, in this grand meadow, this sanctuary I call “mine,” I found a home of another type

     Private thinking space, perhaps. Another day more clues!

Somehow, I felt closer to the spirit of Henry David Thoreau.

Nature can bring peace to the soul, if we give it a chance. 


The Warbler’s Morning Song

I waken to the birds

I cannot see

only hear their song.

Faithfully they rise

every morning to greet

and announce a new day.

Who am I to question them

Who am I to say–

Life is a drudge,

oh no, it’s not

just listen

this is their way

as decided by a Creator.

Listen to their song

Faith and Hope springs

with the rising of the sun.