It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

The Very Thought of You

Early each morning, about 4:50 a.m., actually, the birds start their morning song.  For me, this is a song of faith for today.  We have enough strength to deal with today and today only, that is why (in my mind) the bird sings each morning, to remind me that a new day is at hand.  I get to take advantage of this day, the only day that I have left.  I defend my territory, claim it as mine, I do my best to attract others by being only who I am, not what someone else wants.  It’s called self love.

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking about self love.  This needs to be promoted.  Releasing the burdens of our life on a daily basis, until the recording stops inside, and we have forgiven ourselves for experiences that perhaps were not the wisest, but with our primitive tools was all we had to use at that time.  Like magic, a new tool has appeared.  Why didn’t I have that tool before?  Because you didn’t.  You did the best you could.  It’s okay.

Soul acceptance is important.  My soul knows exactly what it is doing, I need to acknowledge that and love me.  And continue to seek the best.  On a daily basis.  Reflecting yesterday, I wrote these words: “Smile when I think of me.  I smile when I think of someone who gives me pleasure.  I need to smile at the thought of me.” 


Inside Llewyn Davis, My Movie Review

As a child of the 60’s, I loved this movie. The Coen brothers have done well once again.  The photography was great, from the smoky club with it’s brick wall background and low lighting, to the New York apartments, cluttered with photos, old sofas, windows that really opened and closed. You could feel the icy snow in his shoes, the numbness of his foot, his sock dripping wet, outside his shoe.  You could feel his fatigue as he drove the miles between Chicago and NYC.  Pouring his heart out to his father, sitting in the nursing home, he sang a tender song, and got an elderly reaction.  The sister of Llewyn was excellent, and I enjoyed her little kitchen scenery, picking out things in the background, while she yelled at Llewyn for his poor language.  I was right there with Llewyn’s professional and personal rejections, cheering on the inside, hoping he’d “do the right thing,” but understood when he just drove by an opportunity that had been lost (the cockeyed optimist wanted a “happy ending” somewhere).  

There is a lot more to the movie than what I saw, I need to see it a second time.

A word in support of the arts, I saw it at the theater at the Art Mission and Theater in Binghamton, New York.  This is an amazing little theater and showcase for local talent.  I look forward to more opportunities here (

Mind Sweep!

Sweep out the corners of your mind. Sweep out the past, recollections that may hurt you, helped you to nurse depressed thoughts, encouraged feeling sorry for yourself.

That is certainly the challenge for today, sweeping out the ghosts of Christmas’ past, the behaviors of this past year (as well as throughout our lifetime) from those whom we feel have “done us wrong.”

Everything has been written down according to a point of view. Even if that point of view is the most unbiased viewpoint that there is, it is STILL a viewpoint, a photograph taken down and recorded from a standpoint that is unique, no two people can stand in the same spot and see the same thing at the same time, it simply cannot be done).

We constantly re-write history so it can be “better explained,” more “politically correct.” Oh come on! Really? I see things from my point of view, and to be quite honest, I am totally in the right. Right? (raise your eyebrow and cock your head to one side, turn slightly and roll your eyes at this person who is so sure she knows everything!) This is why we need to realize that we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. We’re not getting out of it alive anyway, and once we are gone, it’s nothing but a recording to play and then we move on.

Look up, forgive yourself and the other one, and keep walking. Move onto the next adventure!