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The Self Pay Plan, A Health Care Option

Everyone is intent on saving Obamacare. Protect the health care law.

Let me tell what I find.  There is a silent population, not that they (I) don’t try to speak, but when we do, some listen apathetically, and then we are ignored, by the constituents that need to hold onto “protecting Obama’s signature health care law.”

I went to the hospital to make my payment.  This is a bill I have had since 2011, some from 2012 and 2013.  I’m on the payment plan, I am a member of the Self Pay Plan.

What do we members of the Self Pay Plan do?  We sit down annually with a financial advocate at every hospital and doctors office, review our finances and we leave no stone unturned.  This takes a great deal of patience to collect records and statements, and a revealing of our lives that others would sniff at and walk away. We earnestly and faithfully pay our monthly bill.  We call when we need to right a balance.  

We manage our care.  We don’t have an insurance company to dictate to our doctor what he is allowed to do or not do, what test to take first, but our doctor has the freedom to order the test that will give us immediate results.  

I have noticed, as I have tried to live within the system, that all advertising lends to “if you are eligible.”  I don’t live in an iffy world.  I have to survive this world, not succumb to the hierarchy of the insurance company, who has the king’s signet ring.  I will go to the king himself, and beg for my life (see The book of Esther for royal protocol).

We have a choice. The story continues…


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The Voice of One Crying…

Reading more on the health care situation here in these United States, The Week magazine had an article stating how doctors have been forced to become less personal with their patients, staring at the computer to get all the facts, rather than looking into their patient’s eyes.  All due to “getting it recorded right” for the insurance agency.  (And now let me add my own humble opinion here–“so they can decide for the doctor what the ‘best’ treatment is.”).

This thought provoked a deep memory for me.  The memory of Dr. Matthew Boname.  Dr. Boname was the general practitioner here in Oxford, New York for I don’t know how many years, but he was in his 90’s when he was forced into retirement (by insurance, I might add).  I remember sitting across from his huge enormous desk, lit by the small desk lamp, watching it glow across his timeworn cheeks, as he discussed my condition.  Mostly we went when we were ill, or needed immunizations, I think.  My mind is a little foggy on it.  While I have the memories, they are the memories of a child.

His wife was his nurse (until she passed away).  He recorded the details of his patients’ lives on 5×7 index cards, all handwritten.

Dr. Boname was highlighted in TIME issue on pain July 11, 1984.  This information is a contribution by Dr. Mary Boname, granddaughter. 


Obama and Healthcare 2014

Why should I pay out money for a health care system that doesn’t work in the first place?  A system whereby I pay out my hard earned dollars to a large agency that sits there and looks through a “guide book” to tell me whether or not they will pay for an office visit or procedure that the doctor has deemed necessary for either my survival, or my comfort during my stay here on earth?  

I am perfectly happy paying out a little bit more to the dedicated doctors (who have opted to work with me on a payment plan based on my income) and hospitals.  They (the government and other “knowledgeable ones”) keep telling me “it’s important because if you ever get sick, you will need to be covered.”  I got sick.  I was not covered.  I worked with the hospitals and doctors.  There are medical professionals out there that still believe in the Hippocratic Oath, that are in it to take care of sick people.  I would have been in very rough shape, if I’d had to wait on a girl behind a telephone with a volume of health care codes, to tell the doctor (or me) that I could or could not get a procedure, or that “oh, I’m sorry, you cannot go to that facility,” especially when time is of essence.  

I read on Facebook about a woman who spent hours on the phone on Christmas Eve trying to work things out with current insurance, but with Obama’s health care plan now in place, was told her children were not citizens.  

It is time for protesting.  What are we doing?  STOP!  RIGHT NOW!  Stand up, fellow Americans!  Take our money back!  

Stop it, Obama!  This is not in our best interest!  How has YOUR health care changed, Obama?  I want to know.  I want audience!  Your government created this system for me, the person with no insurance, and I have chosen to not accept it because it’s BROKEN.  Why would I buy something that doesn’t even WORK?  When we buy something that doesn’t work, the company gives us our money back.  Well?  

My brain is exploding with anger over this.  Anger can get results because anger creates action.  

Get ANGRY, Americans!