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Distracting America

It’s been said that you should always stay away from the subjects of politics, religion, and money.  It saves a lot of marriages and keeps you from fist fights.

There certainly is enough from the social media standpoint.  Let’s add one more, but hopefully with a levelheaded twist.

The American people of the United States are tired.  We are tired of politicians hanging out in Washington DC and going back and forth, creating bills with deals that have nothing to do with the bill.  Distracting America.  Poor choices with emails, immigration issues, and the disintegrating middle class.  Penalizing those who cannot afford the “affordable health care.”

The latest distraction is the presidential race.  There are good and poor candidate choices here.    Citizens that want good for the people, but are (apparently, according to this writer) “out of the loop” politically.  And, if you aren’t of a major party (Republican or Democrat), you’re stealing votes.

Taking it apart is like picking out the knot in a thread or a necklace chain.  Careful and patient.

  • Affordable health care, minus the penalty (we can’t afford the insurance, why are you punishing us further?)
  • Immigration – the need to educate (and monitor) those entering to become United States citizen.  Our country was founded on freedom of religion, and to have a new hope in a new world, but not to allow those meaning harm to our people.
  • Employment.  Roosevelt had a New Deal.  He created jobs.  Eisenhower built the interstate.  I know there are other examples of how we can raise the United States once more.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

  • Protecting our people: both domestic and foreign.  And what about those that are oppressed, their blood shed over the face of the earth by terrorists and those who have no concern for a life?

I will not give an opinion here, this is just a reminder, and hopefully a level headed one, of the issues, so we do not get swept away with the waves.