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How “it’s done!”

Leslie said, “this is how it’s done.”

No Mom! Said Jake, THIS is how it’s done!”

Now wait, says Grandma, this is how it’s REALLY done!”

(Videography by Joscelyn Studios)


Film at 11.  Haha.  Just kidding.  This is my first time catching the little fellow.  There were actually three, they were swooping and a lot of activity last night.  I have to figure out how to keep all three happy now.  Not an easy task for this novice ornithologist.  I learned how they chatter, or sing, or whatever you’d call it.

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History – Then & Now


One can only imagine the thrill (being an Oxford native) of realization that the train still ran in 2004, when I moved back to Oxford, New York.  Here is the picture, taken from my back yard, in June 2006.  About a week (or so) later, a devastating flood hit, destroying the tracks in several places.  It was heartbreaking to realize this was gone.

Below is the “good news” article about repairing the line.  And to make this good news even better, the work has begun!