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Shoo Fly! And other things that fly…

As I sit and watch the flies multiply, I wondered what was out there to combat it besides the old-fashioned fly swatter.  And keeping the door closed (not an option here, folks).  I found the following, and must share these natural ingredients to aid.  I have not tried them yet, but then again, I just found it.  We can all try and respond!  I appreciate comments from those who have tried or are working on these homespun remedies.

Citronella – Well known for its anti-mosquitos properties, citronella also works incredible well for other flying pests.

Peppermint –  Works as natural pest deterrent not only for flies, mosquitos but also for mice and spiders. It is also a heavy hitter in the garden and also works as a natural insecticide for squash bugs, aphids, beetles, ants, flies and fleas.

Clove – Do you remember grandma’s old trick of putting cloves into a apple and setting it on the picnic table to keep the flies and mosquitos away from the food?  That “old” trick still works because the smell of clove is highly hated by flies. Clove oil is great for more then just flies, its also an excellent immune booster and a key component in the highly sought after Thieves oil. It was used in the 15th century by the original “four Thieves” to boost the immune system and keep the plague away.

Rosemary – Rosemary is a time honored herb, praised for its antioxidant properties and applied topically it’s said to treat muscle aches, improve circulation and arthritis. This potent herb is also an excellent resource for pest control not only in the barn but in the garden, working to deter cabbage loving larvae, like caterpillars.

Glycerin – Glycerin is simple a “host” or a emulsifier for the oils.  I use food grade glycerin from Azure Standard, but you can also get it from Amazon HERE. Considering I also use this in homemade cosmetic’s and as a key component to teat wash its a excellent essential to have for the DIYer.

Further instruction from the site I have found was the following recipe:


  •  20 Drops Citronella
  • 20 Drops Clove
  • 20 Drops Thyme or Rosemary
  • 20 Drops Peppermint
  • 1/4 cup Food grade Glycerin


  1. In a 16oz spray bottle add the Essential Oils and glycerin and top it off with water. Spray as needed.

“I spray my cows with Homemade Fly Spray before every milking.  This will keep the flies at bay and save me from trying to milk a irritated cow.  I choose to double the recipe and make up a big batch using a 32ounce spray bottle.  During the heavy summer months, this will typically last me for 2 weeks.  Which isn’t bad, considering I have 6 cows that I’m spraying.” (In quotes because this is not my recipe

There are many recipes out there, too.  While this is just the tip of the iceberg, here is the link I’m sure you will all find interesting!


Mouse House?

Oh darn! I was tidying up my shelf and found this!

I do not remember this being here. And I shift my cupboard items almost daily.  This means I have company!  Oh dear (hav-a-heart trap).  

To be continued…

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The Case of “Nature is Mightier than the Shovel”


Friday I found the tunnel that the groundhog had decided should be his home (or is it a skunk?).  I decided, “it’s spring, he can find a newer and better home” and shoveled the dirt back in, covering the hole then with an old pumpkin, by way of peace offering.

Apparently, the rodent thought about as much of the dried up pumpkin as I did, for when I came home for lunch yesterday, this greeted me.

Then last night I dreamt that the darn little thing not only dug a hole, he excavated the entire cellar!  Those of you that have followed for awhile know that I have this great historical cellar. Built in 1835, it was the foundation for a cooperage and brewery.

Apparently nature has no regard for such “tomfoolery,” and the score is 2 groundhog and 1 Mankind.

It would be interesting to do an analysis of that dream though. Readers? 

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The Entrance into Spring

“Spring! Spring! Spring!”  sang the frog.

“Spring!” said the groundhog.

“Spring, Spring, Spring!” sang the robin.

It was Spring.

The leaves burst out.

The flowers burst out.

And robins burst out of their eggs.

It was Spring

Home For A Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown,

A Little Golden Book

I am reminded of this book as the weather gets warmer, spring is only a week away….the snow is starting to melt, there is a little bit of power behind that sunshine!

My journey today has taken me into reading of Kokopelli, the Native American flute player.  Kokopelli, among his other talents, plays his flute to usher winter into spring.  Appropriate.


(no, they’re not here yet, this is a photo I have on file, but I’ll let you know when they surface!)

Sounds Like Spring, Feels Like Spring

It’s 34 degrees and sunny outside.  The birds (blue jays mostly) are creating enormous havoc.  See?  I told you, “if we listen close enough, we can hear spring before we see it.”  

My grandson is 4 and he said, “it must be spring, it’s SO WARM!” (40 degrees)

We celebrated with a map of Tyringham Cobble (complete, of course, with ninjas, Moby Dick, and castle…)