It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

Fanning My Flame

Surrounded by the comforts of my ancestors, words from the philosophies of Emerson and Thoreau, I am reminded of who I am and where my soul thrives. All of the outside world fades, for just this brief moment of time, and I fan the flame called my soul, into a roaring fire that drives me forward into 2019 and shows me that happiness is right here, inside of me.


Didja Notice?

  • Russia influences US election
  • Police racial brutality and protests on the rise
  • Mass shootings
  • Tearing down southern rebel monument
  • Hurricanes in the south
  • Fires in the West
  • Sexual allegations in Hollywood and government

Do you wonder? What is the next catastrophe we will need to face?

All of this pushed by media. Now, I’m not saying these are not important. They are. But have you noticed how they are coming in waves? Maybe it’s lunar. The moon affecting the tide of humanity.

Just wondering…

Who do YOU call?

-4 Fahrenheit out there.  Here in upstate New York we are a bit “frozen” in time and space.  But the buses are running, the children are expected to attend.  

Yesterday I noticed a cable hanging on my garage door, sort of sandwiched in between the door and the track, and weaving in and out.  This was not a good sign, and an even less than happy sign as I tried it.  So I unhooked the automatic opener and tried.  Hah!  There went every plan known to man (or to Kathleen, actually).  My resumes, hot off the press, just waiting to be managed, the eye doctor appointment that needed to be rescheduled, etc.  Despite my minor frustration, I did realize the synchronicity of the day, and went with it.

So, who do you call? Garage Door Man!  Yes, Jack Hayes of Hayes Garage Doors (Guilford, NY).  Jack called me back about 3:30 p.m., and made sure he got here before dark (actually arrived within the hour) and did a quick fix on the spring that was broken and will need to be replaced (ordering part necessary).

Jack Hayes.  Hero of my day.



Of Mary Richards and other Notables

The free spirit, why is it a preferred stance for a hippie or former hippie?  While I think hippies had an admirable quality, the free spirit, there has always been a somewhat lackadaisical attitude among that lifestyle.  People that read my blogs tend to think I am a former hippie.  Those that know me laugh and slap their knee.  Of course not!  This is “Mary Richards” through and through.  The cool girl, with standards that draw an audience from all sources and energies, everyone loves Mary.  Everyone wants to be with Mary.  Mary is cool.

Mary is just Mary, folks.  I put my clothes on methodically, one pant leg at a time, so to speak.  I have fears, I have confidence.   I want to draw you in to show you the magic in my life that you can take advantage of, but it’s your magic, not mine.  We all have this inner magic, called the soul.  The soul is what brings us to life.  There is no one like you and no one that can really touch that energy source inside of you to develop it, except for what you will allow.  And not to envelop you, but to enhance your experience here in this world that you live in.  

That is the draw.