It's All About the Journey

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World of Terror

A long time in speaking up.  Fear of people thinking I’m too radical.  Too shallow minded. 

Freedom of speech in hand, I want to say this: “why are tourists allowed to go to hostile countries?”  I think that, until situations change, no one should be allowed to travel into a hostile country.  It is a sad thing that Otto has lost his life.  But a very foolish thing for our government to allow tourists the ability to travel into a hostile country.  We are asking for trouble.  Guidance is needed.  Why are we setting ourselves up for failure, for loss of life?  

We have to show wisdom and discernment.  Is this a good experience or a bad one?  Are my actions in keeping with their culture, or am I putting myself (and possibly others) at risk?  

Be careful Americans.  Know what you’re getting into.  We have to take care of ourselves!


Distracting America

It’s been said that you should always stay away from the subjects of politics, religion, and money.  It saves a lot of marriages and keeps you from fist fights.

There certainly is enough from the social media standpoint.  Let’s add one more, but hopefully with a levelheaded twist.

The American people of the United States are tired.  We are tired of politicians hanging out in Washington DC and going back and forth, creating bills with deals that have nothing to do with the bill.  Distracting America.  Poor choices with emails, immigration issues, and the disintegrating middle class.  Penalizing those who cannot afford the “affordable health care.”

The latest distraction is the presidential race.  There are good and poor candidate choices here.    Citizens that want good for the people, but are (apparently, according to this writer) “out of the loop” politically.  And, if you aren’t of a major party (Republican or Democrat), you’re stealing votes.

Taking it apart is like picking out the knot in a thread or a necklace chain.  Careful and patient.

  • Affordable health care, minus the penalty (we can’t afford the insurance, why are you punishing us further?)
  • Immigration – the need to educate (and monitor) those entering to become United States citizen.  Our country was founded on freedom of religion, and to have a new hope in a new world, but not to allow those meaning harm to our people.
  • Employment.  Roosevelt had a New Deal.  He created jobs.  Eisenhower built the interstate.  I know there are other examples of how we can raise the United States once more.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

  • Protecting our people: both domestic and foreign.  And what about those that are oppressed, their blood shed over the face of the earth by terrorists and those who have no concern for a life?

I will not give an opinion here, this is just a reminder, and hopefully a level headed one, of the issues, so we do not get swept away with the waves.


Give Me Paris!

I have seen recently, after the Paris attack on Friday night, profiles change with the colors of the French flag, as a means of support in the recent terrorism that has plagued our planet Earth, from a group that seems to have no more interest in the human race except to destroy, simply because they are.

This support is ever fearful on my part, my humanity that has no more real motive than to wake people up and keep them aware of what is going on in the world, and inspire them to stand up for what is right, to have a voice, and to SPEAK.

I believe the most important thing a person can do is show love and respect for another human being.  They can respect and love nature.  We are the keepers of the earth.  We have dominion over every living thing, and what we do, and what influences our mind, ultimately influences our BEHAVIOR.

I have only one opportunity to do you well here.  I have one chance to be nice to you today.  I’ve got to take that chance.  I will not seek to destroy you.  I must love you for this moment of who you are, not destroy you.

Fear.  I speak out despite my fear.  I would seek to hide beneath a rock, live in the caves, preserve my life.

To those who have gone because of this group, I’m sorry they took your life, and you cannot experience life anymore.  You have been swept into eternity by those who have no interest in life itself.

Here is to you!  You are etched in our lives, as previous centuries of terror have been etched in others.  You will not be forgotten by current survivors.