It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!


I have become a hoarder! My drawers are a magpie’s nest filled with random sized rubber bands, pens, tacks, paper clips of various sizes and colors. I look at a piece of string and consider the possibilities that exist if I should need it. As I clean out the drawers on this dead Saturday (gasp! only late morning!), I wonder if I’ll really toss it all, or throw it in a box for the barn. Both have their temptations. After all, 30 years from now someone could be sorting through all that “stuff” in the old lady’s barn (yes, I plan to live there for my duration) and they may really need it. (Who am I kidding?) Okay, okay! I’m tossing it all..oh wait…except for the old business cards–I can use the other side for grocery lists….the green beads–St. Patricks Day is almost here…


It’s okay to be angry as long as your anger results in a change in you that offers you better choices, choices for growth. Alot of anger occurs when people do not meet my expectations of what my quality world should look like. I cannot change who they are, but I can change myself, my expectations of them need to change, and I need to look further than them to satisfy my needs, wants and desires. Pull up your big girl/big boy panties and grow up. Whew.