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Paint and Previous Worlds

Painting an old house is full of challenges.  Uneven walls, coats of paint over paint, mixed in with wallpaper and the past.  

Efforts today have been focused on painting the hallway.  I decided two walls ago (very small walls, by the way) that this color was definitely not the right color!  My attempt to cut a corner and paint over the mostly stripped off border was defeated by the paper curling (note to self, paper curls when painted over, you’d think I would’ve learned that the last time).  So I had to scrape.  Amazing how easy it comes off when coated with paint! Balanced precariously on the top of the big old ancient upright piano,  I carefully started peeling…

I can’t say much for taste here, but I am amazed and curious over the wallpaper that was chosen many years ago.  I imagine it had to be early 20th century.  Never mind…now I just need to finish and get to the store and visit MJ, my personal assistant in paint. (And no, my hair really isn’t as streaked as it now looks! It’s all about the paint!)


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A First

First attempt at learning how to draw.  Not perfect, but it’s a start!

Oh what fun!  Sandwiched in between paint projects (rooms and such) and life in general!


Intellect, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Our intellections are mainly perspective…Each truth that a writer acquires is a lantern which he instantly turns full on what facts and thoughts lay already in his mind, and behold, all the mats and rubbish which had littered his garret become precious. Every trivial fact in his private biography becomes an illustration of this new principle, revisits the day, and delights all men by its piquancy and new charm.  Men say, where did he get this? and think there was something divine in his life. But no; they have myriads of facts just as good, would they only get a lamp to ransack their attics withal…We are all wise. The difference between persons is not in wisdom but in art…”

I could go on, but I won’t.  My encouragement this morning, though, is to light the lamp and start ransacking the attic of my mind, digging for that precious gold:  our treasure of stories, wisdom that we have gleaned based on experience, or non-wisdom!

Please excuse me, I need to light my lantern now…

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The Fine Art of Anticipation

“Where there is no vision the people perish…Proverbs 29:18”

We live in a world with anticipation.  We anticipate our first date, our second date, our weddings, Christmas (or any other holiday).  I can remember looking forward to Christmas as a child.  The actual event of opening gifts and seeing if Santa brought you exactly what you asked for!

I remember looking forward to my wedding, and a new life.  I look forward to spring, then to summer.  The days are lived out, sometimes it was too rainy, sometimes the bugs (mosquitoes in particular) looked forward to making the event look less enjoyable (camping, I am thinking).

And looking back, I see all the events that I looked forward to with quaint nostalgia.  Going to the movies with my cousin and my sister, eating ice cream sundaes at the local department store, I could go on and on.  I look forward to fun times with my grandchildren, too.  A time of bonding that (hopefully) they will remember with great joy and happy memories.

I look forward to trips:  I’ve been to Wales with great joy over seeing where people live, how people lived long ago.  Each trip is made with a great anticipation of what will come.  Living in the moment, enjoying each adventure, storing up memories to take out at my command.

I look forward to my first movie with my granddaughter this weekend.  I think it’s her first time at the “big screen” and I can’t wait!

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Book Review Time, for the Young at Heart

My dear friend and author, Brenda Erickson, wrote this sweet little story, with the help of Bunny and Mr. Kittens.
My dear little grandchildren became the recipients of this little book at Christmas, and we couldn’t have been more delighted! Bunny’s space suit was perfect for this adventure, and she really brought out his true character here!

As an avid reader, I truly enjoyed this adventure and look forward to perhaps another adventure, Bunny seems to be up to those types of things.
The book is published through Best wishes and congratulations to Brenda and Bunny for this great tale!