It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!


Yesterday Fred’s Inn in Norwich NY was the scene of a fire.  They are still investigating.

Fred’s was a favorite of ours on Tuesday evenings after an evening at court.

Parties of people:  sometimes we’d have as many as 12 people meet us at Fred’s for a birthday gathering (of course, on a Tuesday), friends from across the pond, “regulars” that would meet us weekly.  But mostly just us.  We were back on the two of us lately, but it was always fun and comfortable to be at Fred’s.  Michelle knew our order at the bar, and we had fine tuned the kitchen to accommodate us as we sometimes chose our own menu selection (could I have this without that?  No garnishes, please).  Steph is our little lighthouse with her bubbly charm.  A new waitress?  “We’re here every Tuesday…this is how we dine…no garnishes, please, no onions, no, no, don’t even let them pass over the plate…)”

Fred’s will be missed, not only by us but by the community.  I hope it’s back up and running soon.



It’s at least 56, because I am. Visiting my parents this weekend I removed the liner from this vintage bucket that has contained trash for 50+ years. I wonder how many tissues, q-tips, and hair it has collected. A ton? Does it have stories from the farm? The house on Albany Street? Route 12 living. The move to Schroon Lake and finally Pennsylvania. I told mom I’m going to buy her a new can and take this one home with me. Who would ever think to do that but a sentimental old woman such as I?

Cast Iron Complement

Thursday night’s dinner was leftovers from previous meals.    Leftover mashed potatoes, fried in the small easy-to-clean pan.  The rather large heel from the ham hand diced and cheddar cheese for an enormous omelet. Farm fresh eggs.  All mixed together in my large cast iron skillet.  Casting both fry pans aside after serving the meal, I look upon them this Friday morning with a deep sigh.  They would be forever soaking!  I ran the hot water into my dishpan and worked on the easy stuff while brewing my pour over coffee, grabbed the fry pans and put them in the second sink and let the hot water fill them.  The few dishes one can make were done quickly and I grabbed the small easy-to-clean pan.  Yes, it was indeed easy to clean.  I grabbed my metal spatula.  Ready?  Start with the bottom of the skillet.  Yes, yes, yes!!!  It came off like a charm!  And then I remembered how easy clean up was supposed to be with these cast iron skillets, and with just hot water.  And a health benefit, they give you iron benefits by cooking with them.  

I love my cast iron skillet!  Life is easy!

The Soldier

Today was the dedication ceremony of 175 years of our county courthouse.  I have no idea how many judges there were there, but judges from every section in the court system of New York State were there, town and village, county, appellate and supreme.  Patriotism chokes me up.  The power that moves nations.  All of the justices stood on the courthouse steps during the ceremony.  They went to raise the flag and the military veterans raised their hands in salute and Charlie did too.  The reverence of a soldier for his country was overwhelming.  I was so proud at that moment that I have had the privilege of knowing him and working with him. When I told him later of that feeling of pride, he simply stated, “I’m a soldier.” And that said it all.