It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

I had a dream…

We are nostalgic, I think, not for old times, but for old dreams.

–Robert Brault

Our dreams can be many things, but I tend to think that MY dreams are my subconscious, attempting to work out conflicting issues, or perhaps remembering an instance, whether it be good or bad, and working through it.  So I do not take them seriously as “signs.”

I enjoy my dreams, for the most part.  Once in awhile I enjoy leaving them.  Randomly I dream about haunted houses (spooky and I awaken frightened), seeing people that were dead and aren’t.  They are usually doing something, not looking at me, but I am looking at them.  Again, it’s my soul working it out.  Once I had this strange dream about a grandfather I’d never met.  I said, “I thought you were dead, that’s what everyone said.”  He just said, “I know, but I’m not.”  I found my grandmother and told her and said, “you said he was dead.”  She said, “I know…he’s not.”  (Makes you want to laugh, doesn’t it?)

I have read that we are the universe.  This is true to an extent, no one can experience the same thing we experience, their perspective is different, they are standing next to you, so they see everything from an entirely different point of view, even at those few feet.  So, we see things from our own perspective and make use (or dispose) of the experience in our life.

While this quote by Robert Brault is probably written with experiences in mind, I found it to be an answer to my random dreams.



Life Post-Robin Williams

Life is all about the journey. Sometimes that journey is tough and overwhelming and decisions are made. Outsiders do not understand the inner workings of persons suffering from depression. We do not know the demons and voices that these people suffer from. Is it an inner enemy trying to take control, or is it fanciful thoughts and lack of self esteem/self confidence that drives them to the grave?

I have known a few that have fought these demons and have lost, Robin is merely now a poster child for this, and his life will be memorialized by this. There are no mistakes in our lives, only lessons, and we are left to become aware of the lesson. And, we all have a lesson to be learned. For me, it is a lesson in awareness. To become more aware of my fellow man and the demons that he suffers, to offer my support, for what little I can do, to show love and acknowledgement of his pain that he suffers inside, to accept his solution, shedding tears for him, and embracing the living into acknowledgement as well as discovery of a cure, as opposed to a medication, to solve.

So to Scott, Paul, and now Robin (two I knew, one only by press) and nameless others, here’s to you and let us pray that your legacy lives on to better days and understanding, and victory over this illness.

Again, folks, we are all a part of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Life in perspective.