It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

The Coffee Cup and the Notebook

My friend, The Accidental Blonde, posted a photo this morning of a coffee cup and the notebook’s fresh page, her daily way of starting inspiration.  I appreciate that!  My early mornings are a time when creativity reigns in my spirit.  It is the time when come out of the closet of my mind.  Life gets crowded throughout the day.  We all have demands.  But, this time is my time!

Thank you, Melissa Stagnaro, for that reminder.


Editing, Done Simply

I flip/flop, back and forth, trying to determine where to place this story.  Probably a journey story, so here goes:

I posted in the Lopsided Poet the following, after eating the most divine sandwich of summer.

The tomato is sweet

The mayo has tang

The roll brings all tastes together

Into a delightful summer sandwich!

I have thought about it since.   I’m the type of person that posts “off the cuff.”  You know, one that says, “there we are!  Good enough! The written word as it is thought.”  But, does it do the tomato justice?  Hardly!

The tomato is sweet. — how about…the garden ripened tomato…or maybe (certainly true but not poetic enough)…the sun-ripened tomato?  The red juicy tomato?  Or maybe I need to make the whole thing much more personal…

My tomato is the sweetest

It tastes of the summer sun

My mayo has a smooth creamy tang

Sandwiched in a smooth roll.

Flavors roll on my tongue,

Delighting the taste buds!

Oh, can heaven be like this?

Truly, it may.

But if I don’t get them there,

This is my best chance, today!

Leave the Moon Alone!

Snippet article in “The Week” regarding literal lunar travel–the federal government approved the first private space mission to the moon.  Moon Express is a Florida based company and it hopes to put a lander on the lunar surfaces in 2017.  Believe it or not, there was even mention of eventual plans to mine the moon for rare elements and metals.  What?!  Are you kidding?  Don’t mess with the moon!  We have enough tsunamis, el-Ninos, etc. to think about, and if you mess with it, it will surely mess with us!

In other equally important news, the federal government has stated that there is little evidence that regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay, another snippet states.  So, all of those scowls from our hygienist are all for naught, it’s not our fault for not flossing!  (Darn!  I have read this report just after I have promised my hygienist that I would be a more faithful flosser!)