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Important News You Can Use: FIRE!

A co-worker and friend lost her home yesterday.  The cause was a grease fire.!/76710/ba94c877d5b7e1e1099449ff1a5e2d36

Precautions are always a necessity in life, and it’s important to be “in the know.”

How many of us are prepared for fire?  I remember being a newlywed and receiving a fire extinguisher for a wedding gift.  I carried that extinguisher around for YEARS and never used it.  (To be honest, I didn’t even know HOW).  In this age of fast information, right here at our fingertips, really, there are lots of ways to be informed.  The best way though, is to have knowledge by reading and being prepared.  I will be honest, I had to look it up.  For grease fire, have TABLE SALT available.  More can be found here:

Another thing:  get renter’s insurance.  Your landlord does not have you covered, you need your own.  It’s affordable, coverage starts when you have handed over that premium cheque, and it will replace your items lost.  Sometimes we don’t think we have much.  But think of the cost of replacing your computer ($$$), bedroom, CLOTHING.  It adds up.

My heart goes out to my friend, and we have a wonderful community that pulls together here.