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In Other News Stories…

It’s been a few days, I know.  I’ve had a lot going on.  

In 1839, the first Opium War broke out between China and Britain.  Fascinating what they choose for the segment in the newspaper called, “Today in History.”  Here is a simple website to help explain it:

In other news, our local paper reports that while there is no benefit to serving 1% or skim milk to students, in fact reports show that the obesity rate is greater, the Chenango County Agriculture, Building and Grounds Committee is taking a stance against a new recommendation from the United States Department of Agriculture that bars whole milk from school lunches.  There is nothing worst than 1% or fat-free chocolate milk, ever try it?  And then have the real thing?  It is so much more satisfying to have whole chocolate milk!  I learned a number of years ago that we cannot fool our bodies with reduced fat or fat free food.  Our brain thinks “oh good I can eat this” and you eat MORE, not only because it’s “fat free” (therefore, we conclude that it is “good for us”).  The big deal here is paying attention to our bodies and what is really going on.  Are we bored?  Are we hungry?  What can I do to make me not hungry or desire to eat further?  What is my body wanting?  And then STOP eating when satisfied, and moving on to doing something else (like getting back to work, cleaning out that closet, volunteering someplace, finding something worthy to do with my time–write this blog).

The Obama Care articles are becoming more and more disturbing.  I really think that there needs to be a halt put on this immediately until a better solution comes up.  I will continue to look, but I cannot afford the more than $300/month “just in case” I get sick.  Nurse me til I die.  Let me just make sure that I have covered myself and am satisfied with the things that count for eternity, my relationships with others.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

In conclusion, just one more thing…slippers.  I have worn the same old slippers for probably over 15 years.  They are finally starting to wear out.  Way oversized now and stretched out, I shuffle along.  I bought a new pair last weekend at Rite Aid.  Looking at the sizes offered, I chose the 7-8 size, feeling that the 9-10 size was just a little too roomy for me.  I think that was a mistake.  But I decided to just wear them anyway.  If I skip socks, they fit pretty good.  And they are soft and fleecy.  Ahh! The bottom line here though is to determine for yourself:  do I want to shuffle along (that’s why they call them “slippers”), or to I need to have them fit tight.  I think I’d rather shuffle.  Oh well, next time.  I need to get my $14.99 worth.



Insurance and the ACA

This is a continuation of the article the other day that I posted with my own grievance against what they are trying to enforce for those of us who are uninsured.  This is a very interesting article, please read through.  

Comments are welcome.



When I think of “insurance” companies, I imagine this hefty man, with heavy gold jewelry and a black suit, red tie and white shirt, with his plump hand out, taking my few dollars and putting it into his pocket.  And then, when I need something done for ME, his little girl behind the microphone, pulls out her book, and says, “you have to do this before that, you are not allowed to skip this test before that one.”

If I had to rely on an insurance company and their guidelines, I would have been a lot worse off 2 years ago when I became so very very sick.  As it was, not having insurance (now dubbed a “self pay”), the hospitals and doctors worked with me and my budget, and we found avenues and negotiations, some trims on their part, and setting up payment plans.  I’m still paying on them, some have been paid off.  

It just gripes me to no end that I should pay an insurance company at least $200/month for basic coverage, then I get to pay the doctor above and beyond that as well.  I can go see my doctor now and pay him a self-pay rate that he has established for those of us that are self pay.  And for less.  

This is not healthcare they are providing, this is business, big business.  If they were to provide healthcare, then it should be straight across the board, everyone should have to do it, take it out of the wages like they do in Europe, and be done with it.  We get to choose a “plan right for us?”  I’m sorry, I can’t do that.  Unless they come up with something incredible, I am going to be kicking and screaming as long as I can.

Sweet Dreams!

Falling asleep and “staying there” has been a journey of it’s own.  I tend to fall asleep quite well on the sofa in front of the television, usually while my favorite show is on (re-runs, Big Bang Theory).  This is pretty pathetic, since they are over by 7:30 p.m.  Bleary eyed, I’ve just headed up to bed.  I try hard to stay awake, but haven’t really gotten into the new Season this fall.  Forget the internet, that’s too stimulating!  I’ve ended up playing solitaire with either the iphone or traditional playing cards (two decks, amazing game, the best thing I came home learning from SUNY Cobleskill).  (Hello, Grandma Doty!  She had a card table set up in front of her television, along with 2 or 3 decks of cards.)

So, last night going to bed, I played my free app of “Relax and Sleep Well” with Glen Harrold.  Generally, I fall asleep while focusing on his voice (once I get past his commercial because it’s a free app), but if I make it past the 27:11 minutes, I know I’m in trouble.  That happened to me last night.  I guess I finally DID fall asleep, and I didn’t wake up until about 3:20 a.m.  This is good.  But now I am actually considering the paid for version.  Maybe, just maybe, it will help.  I guess the reason I have not succumbed to this is because I hate to have to buy the app, call me lazy and “cheap.”  I will spend $6 at McDonald’s, but not $6 on something I can use on a daily basis? (shame on me)  I continue to just think about this purchase…



My grandmother used to collect salt and pepper shakers. She had loads of them from all sorts of places, Niagara Falls, etc., and that includes pretty ones too. I don’t know whatever happened to her collection, they have disappeared, but here’s a few of my own.

The aluminum shakers, a product of perhaps the 1950s, are a part of it. I think I found them at a garage sale, and they celebrate for me a part of life that I found very comforting, that of my childhood. The tomatoes remind me of fall, and the monkeys are just whimsical and strange. The Halloween ghosts are just cute and celebratory of the sweet candy holiday that Americans celebrate, dressed up in their finest ideas (hopefully) of this autumn celebration of October.

Getting Ready for Winter

Getting Ready for Winter

In deciding my mug for my morning coffee, I produced, from my cupboard, my winter mug. I guess I’m anticipating the season ahead, and making way for it. I have dreaded winter’s onset, partially ignoring the beauty of the fall with the dread of cold and snow, and need to get it out of my head, and get ready to celebrate the winter and the rest that it brings, to anticipate yet another spring ahead…

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Speak Out!

“Press 1 for Spanish.” Thanks, but I speak English
I hear a lot of us English speaking Americans complain about this recorded statement. “Of course, we are in America! Speak American!”
Well, actually, that’s “English” not “American.” Well, then again, it’s “American English.”
I think we are tripping over language barriers here. I know it does grate on my nerves as well. But this is the way things are in these United States. Sure would be easier if we all spoke the same language, but who am I to complain (and, would it do any good, except to just get it off my chest?)

I would, however, like to address another issue that I see daily. The “f” word. I, for one, am so tired of seeing it, hearing it. It has become an adjective, rather than a slang expletive. And it offends me. Oh sure, we all say it, or have said it, or it has slipped out, when tension runs so high no other word will really do, but to post it publicly for the world to see and say (for example): “The leaves are so f***ing beautiful.” REALLY?

I weep for the generation that is growing up, they do not know any more than this adjective, they use it to describe a lot.

We need to get out the thesaurus and start learning adjectives that can better describe, and not send chills down this old lady’s back.