It's All About the Journey

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“Can’t you give me brains?” asked the Scarecrow.
“You don’t need them. You are learning something every day. A baby has brains, but it doesn’t know much. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get.” 
― L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz


A good thing to remember on a dreary day.


The Wonderful World of L. Frank Baum

I found a great book at my local library, all about small museums of upstate NY (Unknown Museums of Upstate New York, by Chuck D’Imperio).  The author not only talks about the museums, the WOW factor, but also gives it in perspective of what is also located in that area.  It just so happens that close to the Museum of Oddities in Cazenovia, is Chittenango, home of L Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.  I had no idea that there were sequels written to The Wizard of Oz.  I am intrigued!  (Although I will say I did enjoy the movie better, but it’s definitely worth a re-read to see what really happened in Oz).  

Anyway, in reading the site,, I found out that I share the author’s birthday.  In fact, I was BORN on his 100th birthday.  Wow, that sends a little bit of a chill, or commonality, or something, I’m not quite sure yet.  But I am interested in finding out about the oz-stravaganza in June.  I have at least one grandchild who would LOVE it!

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Following the Song

Okay, this was my walk on Easter Sunday. Can’t see the birds, but I CAN hear them. I hear a soft meow. I’m assuming it’s a type of bird. I would LOVE feedback on these, bird experts! (It’s not the best video, but I’m focusing on the sound here, oh, turn up your speakers…)

And, by the way, those that like to laugh…the last story? I realized the following day while playing a computer game that the birds were singing in the GAME, not outside the window…how’s THAT for being fooled? Good sound quality on the iPhone, I can say that!

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Evening Song

This is the first evening I have been able to retire with my window open, just a couple of inches, a little fresh evening air, just right for sleeping. I had not realized that there are a few song birds still out, singing their evening song. Not for long, they bedded as I write. Left only with peepers, they can still drown out my tinnitus, somewhat (competition, haha). It’s nice to have nature say “good night…”


Another award winning thairapy session with my little sis! Life is good.
(Rf for more historical details).

Need an outlet? Can’t get a massage? Try hair. Even if you end up paying for it. In thinking more thoughts on this, human touch is so important to our existence. Study after study has proven it, that’s why we have relationships, pets, etc.

Fall from Grace

I fall.  When I least expect it.  You could probably make a movie about that little aspect of my life.

It’s not that I am uncoordinated, no, this is not true.  The fact is, I am “in a hurry” or simply “not paying attention.”

The first time I remember noticing this was one fine summer day when I was getting ready to photograph a wedding.  I remember the wedding, a huge event with a great country club reception.  Wearing my flat sandals I threw myself out the front door to run an errand and my foot caught the edge of the sidewalk and DOWN I went.  Tore the cartilage from the bone, and damaged a nerve (diagnosed later).  I stuffed my foot into my “work” shoes (sensible loafers) and donned my long black dress, and went off to shoot the wedding (if memory serves me right it wasn’t the same day but perhaps the following day).  Then a day or two later we were off for vacation, I remember, because most of the vacation, I had my foot on ice most of the time.

After that, you could watch my life as a series of spills and plunders on one of those horrific American television shows that people love to watch and laugh over one another’s mishaps (I’m sorry, I cannot watch those, I despair over the person who ran into the wall, fell down the stairs, etc.).  And it’s all in being “in a hurry.”  This is a time to stop and smell the roses, and get that American mindset of needing to get something done!  

For years, I have faced this, and you would think I learned (time can be a tough teacher, or I am a lame pupil–literally).  I have to be careful and mind my foot to this day, because if I step incorrectly, down I go.  I remember plunging down the cellar stairs while (carefully) holding the puppy, to ask the plumber a question, only to step on that right foot and suddenly lose my balance (3 steps folks, come on, don’t you think I can handle that?  The answer was no), and the plumber gazing upward at me like Wile E. Coyote awaiting the anvil (yep, I fell)!  

The worst was a 4 escapade.  The puppy had to go out, and that little shyster always clamored to a corner (well, not this time, fella)!  I scooped the tiny pooch up and went for the stairs and about the second stop lost my footing (left foot this time though, I slipped) and went careening down the staircase!


(No, this is really NOT the staircase, but my files are enormous and I cannot locate it, so I’m throwing this in for effect…like it?)

Oh, the bruises I suffered on that one.  All the way from my ankle to my waist, and yet I drove that little doggy all the way to Hackettstown, New Jersey the following day (yes, I’m nuts).  My daughter laughed and laughed, I was a funny sight, for sure.  I still have some of the lumps that never went away from that fall.

And now, for the most recent stumble–YESTERDAY.  I was walking home from downtown.  I tend to walk fast, I like walking fast, it’s good exercise for me, my knees and shins hurt too much to job, and they say walking is much better for you.  Better for who?  Start your laugh machine.  On my way, I noticed my neighbors, two little old men from the elder care home nearby, stopping on the (defunct) railroad tracks, discussing them.  We are a friendly village and pride ourselves on our friendships (at least, I do), so I stopped and we spoke and continued our journey and boom!  Three steps later I tripped on that darn bulge where someone had macadamed with tar over pavement and landed on my FACE.  Silly me, I haven’t mastered the fall routine of “drop and roll” so went to catch myself.  This morning I am sporting knees that hurt, a wrist that is swollen (but not bad enough to go to the doctor) and a swollen eye and face that proves in a fight with a sidewalk, the sidewalk clearly pulls harder punches, and, therefore, wins.  My pride (as always) was more hurt than I was (thank goodness), as I sat there, a little dizzy, in a lot of pain, and staring at my glasses, twisted and severely scratched, my knees stinging and who knows what else was in store!  The little men were very upset.  They were so sweet.  I was so embarrassed.  And now I have had to cancel my work day, and am seriously looking into the rest of my weekend and wondering how to handle it (outside of obvious CARE).   A trip to the eye doctor’s office will happen to pick up the new pair of lenses (ordered last week), but I think I need to pay attention to the eye and make sure it’s going to be okay.

The moral of my story?  MINDFULNESS.  And, PAYING ATTENTION.  And STOP BEING SO AMERICAN AND IN A HURRY.  There is something to it, after all.  And exercise?  While cardio is good, it’s something that needs to be examined mindfully, and I’m not sure where I’m going with THAT just yet.