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The Self Pay Plan, A Health Care Option

Everyone is intent on saving Obamacare. Protect the health care law.

Let me tell what I find.  There is a silent population, not that they (I) don’t try to speak, but when we do, some listen apathetically, and then we are ignored, by the constituents that need to hold onto “protecting Obama’s signature health care law.”

I went to the hospital to make my payment.  This is a bill I have had since 2011, some from 2012 and 2013.  I’m on the payment plan, I am a member of the Self Pay Plan.

What do we members of the Self Pay Plan do?  We sit down annually with a financial advocate at every hospital and doctors office, review our finances and we leave no stone unturned.  This takes a great deal of patience to collect records and statements, and a revealing of our lives that others would sniff at and walk away. We earnestly and faithfully pay our monthly bill.  We call when we need to right a balance.  

We manage our care.  We don’t have an insurance company to dictate to our doctor what he is allowed to do or not do, what test to take first, but our doctor has the freedom to order the test that will give us immediate results.  

I have noticed, as I have tried to live within the system, that all advertising lends to “if you are eligible.”  I don’t live in an iffy world.  I have to survive this world, not succumb to the hierarchy of the insurance company, who has the king’s signet ring.  I will go to the king himself, and beg for my life (see The book of Esther for royal protocol).

We have a choice. The story continues…


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Home Soil

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a lot of agonizing over politics, a lot of musing, and have been trying really hard to keep my opinions to myself, these days.  Not a divisive person, but just one that wants to help people, and make them aware that they have a voice.

Sometimes, it just gets to be too much.  And then I get into trouble.  I really shouldn’t be afraid to announce my own right to the freedom of thought.  I digress.

Today’s topic is how we can help make our country great again.

I recently read in our local newspaper that the Marine and Navy reservists will once again be in Chenango County, here in upstate New York, to practice their remote services.  I used their service last year for my dental needs.  I was impressed with these people!  They are all professionals, they are amazing!  Their equipment is state of the art.  They are well organized.

I firmly believe that, if we help our fellow man, we can become a great nation once more.  Let’s stop this pettiness of issues.  Everyone is clamoring over their rights.  While it sounds so unfair (yes, I agree) that women make less than men, and something needs to be done about it, when did life become a competition with “hey, he’s got this and I don’t?  I agree that people should be paid the same for the same job, but then again, we have to consider, what is the motivation for the employer to offer the same salary?  Is there background there?  Or pure selfishness in thinking “well this person doesn’t deserve more?”  Is this a part of life, a person should be paid exactly what he/she and the employer have agreed upon, it’s none of their business should someone make more.  This is a fine line, I realize.  I’m not saying here that one way is right, the other is wrong, but I just want to say “isn’t this what freedom is about?”  Is this where communism comes in, everyone gets paid the same.  So, is communism wrong?  Does communism mean that even the president gets a wage equal to the worker in the field?  That’s the way communism SHOULD work.  And socialism?  Hey what?!  Either all the way or none!  It’s sort of a flip flop, isn’t it?

And public bathrooms!  An issue?  Really?  Okay, so have one bathroom, let the person lock the door and everyone else can stand in line.  Easy solution!  Why does it have to be a political one?

Many other issues I can touch upon, but this is enough for now, lest my readers become bored.

Let us live in the moment, embracing the grace that is ours today.  Love your family, do your work.  Find ways to overcome your situation today.  Seek help.  It has been proven to me that there is hope here in these United States.  Forget the promises of Washington, they are not our hope, our hope is in each other.

I have one life.  I want it to be lived with passion.  I want to put away fear and embrace life.  It’s my hyphen, after all.

Distracting America

It’s been said that you should always stay away from the subjects of politics, religion, and money.  It saves a lot of marriages and keeps you from fist fights.

There certainly is enough from the social media standpoint.  Let’s add one more, but hopefully with a levelheaded twist.

The American people of the United States are tired.  We are tired of politicians hanging out in Washington DC and going back and forth, creating bills with deals that have nothing to do with the bill.  Distracting America.  Poor choices with emails, immigration issues, and the disintegrating middle class.  Penalizing those who cannot afford the “affordable health care.”

The latest distraction is the presidential race.  There are good and poor candidate choices here.    Citizens that want good for the people, but are (apparently, according to this writer) “out of the loop” politically.  And, if you aren’t of a major party (Republican or Democrat), you’re stealing votes.

Taking it apart is like picking out the knot in a thread or a necklace chain.  Careful and patient.

  • Affordable health care, minus the penalty (we can’t afford the insurance, why are you punishing us further?)
  • Immigration – the need to educate (and monitor) those entering to become United States citizen.  Our country was founded on freedom of religion, and to have a new hope in a new world, but not to allow those meaning harm to our people.
  • Employment.  Roosevelt had a New Deal.  He created jobs.  Eisenhower built the interstate.  I know there are other examples of how we can raise the United States once more.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

  • Protecting our people: both domestic and foreign.  And what about those that are oppressed, their blood shed over the face of the earth by terrorists and those who have no concern for a life?

I will not give an opinion here, this is just a reminder, and hopefully a level headed one, of the issues, so we do not get swept away with the waves.


Healthcare…the Struggle Continues

I was told on the telephone by UHS representative that I could sign up for Essential Health Care, for only $20/month.  Today I went online to find it.  I can get it, but only if I live in certain counties (downstate) in New York.

So, it’s not that I don’t TRY to find affordable health care, it’s just UNAVAILABLE for me.  You can refer to previous blogs of mine regarding this issue.

Let me underline this:  You may need to make your own home made health care plan.  Look to see if you can do it, with the help from the medical community that is there to help you. No one should be sick and not be able to afford it.  Yes, it may take awhile to pay it all back, but there are financial advocates in every hospital system, and it is their job to help you.