It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

2018 The Year Ahead

What is our world, if we have not the encouraging word?

Act singly, and what you have already done singly will justify you now. The force of character is cumulative. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Step out. Be true to yourself. Do not hurt others, do good to all. Then peace will come.


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A First

First attempt at learning how to draw.  Not perfect, but it’s a start!

Oh what fun!  Sandwiched in between paint projects (rooms and such) and life in general!

Breathe In, Breathe Out

We live, we die, it’s driving me crazy.  Then I take a deep breath, realize I live on the pale blue dot.

As long as the flow of change within us is fresh, we will be perfectly healthy.  (unknown author)




0 degrees (the barn)
-4 degrees (downtown)
By the time I was well on my way it dipped to -13 then -15, the Norwich airport (somehow the official temperature readings are always from “the airport” of wherever you may live) read an official -17. According to Yahoo (which errantly was recording a -11 at 2:30 am) the temps should get to 23. Really?
I’m not sure I believe it.
I am thankful for the weather. It’s bright and sunny and white snow and blue skies are smiling at me.