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August Color?

The first I’ve seen besides the sumac!


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Time Traveler

I hadn’t been to the library since spring. Not that it was out of my way (since it’s a block and a half away), I can’t really give you a reason.  But that aside, I went to the library yesterday and got out 3 books.  Lately I have been interested in Numerology (amazing, the numbers don’t lie???).  The book chosen (from the “card catalog” now the computer–sigh–I used to love to run my fingers over the index cards in the card catalog, see the ancient lettering from the old typewriters…(I see another story in this).  Back to the story at hand…”The Life You Were Born to Live” by Dan Millman was the book indicated by the librarian. Now I am an avid reader, but a book has to really grab me within the first two pages.  How’s this? “The paths of life hold adventure and danger, pleasure and difficulty.  Our own path may seem clear and direct for a time, then turn sharply in a surprising direction.  At certain points on our journey, the road forks and we make choices that influence the rest of our life; we may choose…each path has its own challenges, each challenge contains a lesson, each lesson leads toward the summit of the mountain we were born to climb…we cannot fall ‘off the path.” It may twist or curve but it will eventually lead us upward…this metaphor…allows us to reconcile an ancient paradox about whether we truly have free will or whether our life is somehow predestined.  ..we always have the power of choice, discipline, responsibility, and commitment. No life path is harder or easier, better or worse, than any other, except to the degreee we make it so….we often teach what we need most to learn.”  Anyway, I’m having fun and can’t wait to read more.
The second book chosen was by Sylvia Browne, Past Lives, Future Healing.  What a fun read!  Sylvia gets right down to it sharing stories.  Again, I am underlining, if I can’t find interest within the first two pages, it’s a cooked goose.  I pulled it into bed with me just to wander through and had read 30 pages before choosing to turn off the light (no, it did NOT put me to sleep!).  I am looking forward to seeing what she has to say.
The third book is by Deepak Chopra, “Life After Death.” (I think so, it’s upstairs and I’m not running back up those steep stairs to find out right now…) I do find his books very interesting and inspiring.
More to follow I’m sure.
Follow the numbers….
Oh!  I almost forgot!  The reason behind the title!  If you are an avid reader, you can do anything, you can go anywhere, past the restraints of time and space.  You can become king, queen, lady in waiting (suggestive or otherwise lest he be off with your head), warrior, climb Everest, or enjoy the field of summer (in the dead of winter).  You can become a techno-guru of mechanics or computers.  Your machine?  Just step into your spaceship:  the library, or perhaps your favorite bookstore.  You can find it online, I’m sure, but it’s much easier to enter the continuum in the spaceship.  The quiet hush of books.

The Summer of 2012

Typing this my mind goes back to that book “Summer of ’42.”  No, it’s not the summer of 42, nothing like that at all!

“Toto” and I made it to Kansas.  It was a wonderful trip.  We stopped and visited cousin Roseann in Cincinnati, and Ginger too (the puppy).  Ginger wasn’t sure about Dante, and he wasn’t sure what it meant to be in a fenced in yard (no, you don’t need a leash, go run and be happy).  Rosie and I enjoyed a lovely light meal and then went downtown to visit an older hotel and take photos.

The next morning Mr. Dante was right and ready to hit the dusty trail once more…
He was very excited to head west.  Alert for most of the cities, especially around the tricky arteries of St. Louis  
Exhausted from the nerve wracking driving, not to mention the HEAT, it was easy to just crash!
We did make it to Stacy and Aaron’s about 7:30 p.m.  Which is pretty good, we’d left at 8:30 a.m.!  Enjoyed the fun and activities of Kansas City’s first Friday night and ended up at an Irish pub for a wonderful meal of fish and chips (no doubt with that American twist).  The next day we visited Union Station
and the Titanic Exhibit.  Each visitor received a boarding pass with the name of a passenger and followed the journey to the end.  My passenger was Mrs. Isidor Straus (Rosalie Ida Blun) from New York, NY.  The Straus’s owned Macy’s Department Store in New York City.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Straus lost their lives, Mrs. Straus choosing to remain with her husband on board.
Overall, it was a wonderful time and it was a great adventure.  I look forward to seeing Kansas again soon!