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Today is your future. Live in the moment!

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Co-habitation Guide

We all must lives by our own set of rules and guidelines, established, if not by our own moral efforts, by those we were raised by.

This particular day, I refer to my stint with nature, as we would have it, versus life inside four walls.

The older I get, the more I respect Emerson’s take on Nature, Spiritual Laws, and the like.  Just don’t show up inside my house, please.

Like fleas!  Do your thing outside, go ahead, but step in, ride in, whatever vehicle you choose, I’ll be waiting for you.  This adventure has been one of physical duty, fall cleaning (every nook and every cranny).  Every day.

And for those of us who appear to be considered hosts, I’ve got a formula just for you! (See photo)

Try the eucalyptus and/or lavender, the others stand in line just in case (and makes for a better, more agreeable photo). Mix with coconut oil.  Slather the stuff on, hah! (Put 8 drops in 16 oz of water to mist on your dogs legs to prevent hitch hikers when going out to play)

While I live in the moment, or try to, I look forward to October and their seasonal disappearance, or at least, hibernation.