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Building Your Fortress

I was scanning through my photo files here on my external hard drive, where I have learned that is not only a safe place from crashes (well, maybe), but also a way to never ever find the file that I am thinking is “somewhere there.”  Anyway, I stumbled across some photos of a fort my nephew and I visited in Connecticut.  Interesting, but mildly boring now that I’m looking through the files.

iphone pics 324 iphone pics 337

What were these forts for?  Protection.  Just in case we were attacked.  I’m trying to remember if our guide said that they ever were attacked.  I don’t believe so.  Money, time, engineering.  Just in case.

Those thoughts took me back to my visit to Wales in 2009 and 2010 and the castles Edward I (and others).  These fortifications were built and served several reasons (reasons that I’m sure were duplicated into the lives of those who lived near our fortifications here in America as well):  they were a presence that assured the villager of a place of safety, they were a reminder of the power of the king, they served as a lookout and a place for knights (and others) while they were guarding/waiting for an enemy to appear.  Most of these saw no action, but they were built with extreme care.

DSC02315 DSC02291.chirkcastle IMG_1131 IMG_6547 IMG_6706Dolbardon Castle,Llanberis IMG_1061  IMG_1134

These amazing feats in architecture are miniscule compared to others, I’m sure.  It brought me my WOW though!

I’m not sure I really have a point to this story.  Perhaps I’m just pointing out what we humans do.  We build, we leave, someone else either takes down or preserves and puts up a ticket booth.  I am reminded of the story I read last year about when the Astors owned New York.  They bought blocks of New York City, constructed hotels that were the top of the line for their day.  Today they have been replaced by the modern Empire State Building and other more convenient structures.

It does make you think about your own, doesn’t it?