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America and the War Within Us

We are a nation divided, we are a nation at war.  Not only with the rest of the world, but inside our own world.  We live in a state of anarchy, and everyone appears to do what is right in their own eyes.  The United States of America is apparently in the state of downfall, and her life crumbles before our very eyes.  No one can agree on whether or not there should be gun control, no one can agree on whether or not there should be control on people who need mental health checked.  No one can agree as to whether or not it is okay to let people from the unknown through the door to America anymore, because we do not know the enemy, and we can no longer keep him close.

I have tried myself to get in touch, to make my voice heard by my governing authorities, both Democrat and Republican, and get nowhere.  No one writes back, except for generalizations, no one bothers to call personally.  I will keep trying, but cannot expect much. Would like to, but looking at history, I feel like Eeyore.

Why am I pointing this out?  Because I have been told that if I feel this way, there are at least 100 more out there that feel the same way I do.

I cannot rise above, I can only take care of my immediate world.  This is the task of an oppressed people.  There is a great deal of more oppression out there, I am one of the lucky ones, I grew up in this United States of America.  My heart goes out to the immigrant, I feel bad about not wanting them to come in, but I don’t have the money to take care of them, I can only take care of my own.  Freedom is never free, it is taxed, and We the People are taxed to death.

The voice goes quiet, working out her own salvation.


Robo-calls, Part 2

I have placed emails to the representatives.  I encourage all who read this to do that as well.  Let’s take this by storm!

Comments welcome!

“Hello! You have recently…”

No, I have not “recently.”
Robo-calls.  I think I need to start writing to government to get rid of them, take a stand, whatever.  Day and night the phone rings.  At least it doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, but come on!  I work and I see a “local” call, and it’s a robo-call from a female robot voice, who claims I recently visited at their resort.  I was at no such resort.
Remember the days of the unlisted phone?  You wanted to get rid of an annoying person.  It cost a little more, but an unlisted telephone number was a blessing.
Now, you have to block the number.  The robot finds another number to call you from.
Help me, join in my pursuit.  Let’s get rid of the robots!

The Phone Call

Every night.

Same time.

Same caller.

“Please dial this number immediately as … ”

Go ahead. Fill in the blank: health care updates, your college loan, your computer is at risk, etc.

I tried answering. I finally got one person to stop calling, they said.

There is no rest. Computers dial us randomly. Definitely a sign of our times.

Do you remember the old days? If someone bugged you, you simply changed your telephone number and/or made it unlisted. The worst case was the party line, and you had to wait your turn and hope no one was relating an entire soap opera, or two star crossed teenagers were breathing into the receiver!

There really ought to be a law! You think?

World of Terror

A long time in speaking up.  Fear of people thinking I’m too radical.  Too shallow minded. 

Freedom of speech in hand, I want to say this: “why are tourists allowed to go to hostile countries?”  I think that, until situations change, no one should be allowed to travel into a hostile country.  It is a sad thing that Otto has lost his life.  But a very foolish thing for our government to allow tourists the ability to travel into a hostile country.  We are asking for trouble.  Guidance is needed.  Why are we setting ourselves up for failure, for loss of life?  

We have to show wisdom and discernment.  Is this a good experience or a bad one?  Are my actions in keeping with their culture, or am I putting myself (and possibly others) at risk?  

Be careful Americans.  Know what you’re getting into.  We have to take care of ourselves!

A Case of Rip Van Winkle

Did anyone see 60 Minutes last night?  There was this great article regarding our smart phones and an interview with a millenial about programming our brains, needing assurance that there are people out there paying attention to us.

Here is the link.

I’ll say no more, let the article speak for itself!  Let me wake up from my sleep, like Rip Van Winkle, and understand our world.  Now I know why the pings from my followers are so important to me.  And to you.



I’m very worried.  The news media has taken over the country.

I am not racially motivated, I believe I equal rights for all. I’m worried right now about who has paid off news media regarding racial issues.  Many innocent people are targeted, from citizens to police officers. The media is promoting this violence.  Violence is not new in America, or any other country, but to suddenly highlight violence against race, target law enforcement officials (and yes, all are not good, but then, all are not bad, either).

This is step 1, I believe, to government corruption: news media controlling the populace, you and me.  Some of you think it’s unjust.  The some of me think that this is a fear tactic and a way for government control of the US population.  Don’t buy it.

Edward Snowden, where are you?

Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? (Isaiah)