It's All About the Journey

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It’s making me late!

Ok. So today’s the day I dedicated to cleaning my house and packing my suitcase. So far I have: gone outside and taken photos of the BEAUTIFUL autumn day, gone to breakfast with a friend, worked on my iPod speakers (no, they still don’t work), called Mrs. Butterfield and left a message (just sayin’ “hi”). The enchantment of the day just won’t go away and it’s making me late! I am just not getting anything productive done. Deep sigh! That’s okay. Life is about the choices we make and Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty on this beautiful day sets my pace. The men are on the roof looking for the leak, pouring water ($$$$$) to try to find out, Tommy Cat and Tessie Cat are running in and out and in and out. I fell in love with my friend’s filtering of a photograph I had taken, selling me out on a program now that I absolutely have to be able to afford. All I need is St. Elmo’s Fire (instrumental) and Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, and well, gee, maybe I can get around to looking at my empty suitcase. Maybe.