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Man vs. Nature

I’m so tired of news. Man vs. Nature. What do they expect? Seriously! We mess with the land, we try to tame nature. There is no taming her. She will take over whenever man tries to control her too much. When will we learn to respect her? Leave the Everglades alone, respond to the cities and leave if you need to!

Leave her for a few moments, she will take over her world. This is her world. It’s not nice to try to fool Mother Natire, after all.


Awaiting Spring

It’s been a quiet winter, writing, that is.  My life has been full of family, paint, and work.  Those things are not bad, they are things that keep me busy, keep me from thinking deep within.  Which is fine, we all need a break from ourselves, don’t we?

Those that do follow me, you’ve seen us painting.  The painting continues because we are interrupted by life happening!  My goal is the end of this month!  Then little things can be accomplished, but the massive undertaking will be done and I can live my life again, in rooms that need to be experienced by me. I see the sun shining in my large living room, and it needs me to enjoy it! (weekend project–the dining room!)


I spent an exciting evening watching my son, the principal, do a “shoot out” with the competitor school principal between basketball games (yes, it was basketballs!).

Oh what fun!  My family brings me great joy.

I babysat last weekend and the little ones were so absolutely adorable!  Little Miss thought she would really “be really bored” while the old folks watched 1963 (I believe) “Great Race” with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood.  Surprise!  She couldn’t wait to see what Professor Fate would do next!  And, one of the highlights of our weekend was the trip to McDonald’s.  It is, after all, “our kind of place.”


Little Boy loves his boots from Grandma and Ross


So, as you can see, it’s been a very busy winter.  It’s March 11th, and for the second weekend in a row, we are experiencing the brutal temperatures of winter!  I sure do look forward to spring.  I hope my British Soldiers can hang in there!


Leave the Moon Alone!

Snippet article in “The Week” regarding literal lunar travel–the federal government approved the first private space mission to the moon.  Moon Express is a Florida based company and it hopes to put a lander on the lunar surfaces in 2017.  Believe it or not, there was even mention of eventual plans to mine the moon for rare elements and metals.  What?!  Are you kidding?  Don’t mess with the moon!  We have enough tsunamis, el-Ninos, etc. to think about, and if you mess with it, it will surely mess with us!

In other equally important news, the federal government has stated that there is little evidence that regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay, another snippet states.  So, all of those scowls from our hygienist are all for naught, it’s not our fault for not flossing!  (Darn!  I have read this report just after I have promised my hygienist that I would be a more faithful flosser!)

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Co-habitation Guide

We all must lives by our own set of rules and guidelines, established, if not by our own moral efforts, by those we were raised by.

This particular day, I refer to my stint with nature, as we would have it, versus life inside four walls.

The older I get, the more I respect Emerson’s take on Nature, Spiritual Laws, and the like.  Just don’t show up inside my house, please.

Like fleas!  Do your thing outside, go ahead, but step in, ride in, whatever vehicle you choose, I’ll be waiting for you.  This adventure has been one of physical duty, fall cleaning (every nook and every cranny).  Every day.

And for those of us who appear to be considered hosts, I’ve got a formula just for you! (See photo)

Try the eucalyptus and/or lavender, the others stand in line just in case (and makes for a better, more agreeable photo). Mix with coconut oil.  Slather the stuff on, hah! (Put 8 drops in 16 oz of water to mist on your dogs legs to prevent hitch hikers when going out to play)

While I live in the moment, or try to, I look forward to October and their seasonal disappearance, or at least, hibernation.



0 degrees (the barn)
-4 degrees (downtown)
By the time I was well on my way it dipped to -13 then -15, the Norwich airport (somehow the official temperature readings are always from “the airport” of wherever you may live) read an official -17. According to Yahoo (which errantly was recording a -11 at 2:30 am) the temps should get to 23. Really?
I’m not sure I believe it.
I am thankful for the weather. It’s bright and sunny and white snow and blue skies are smiling at me.